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The sun came out, hoooooray!  Now maybe I can get some things done and my basil will start growing.  This weeks recipe reminds me of those lettuce wraps from PF Changs.  Seems like the perfect thing for a balmy, almost-summer weekend.  Have a great one, my friends!


Lettuce Cups with Stir-Fried Chicken: Quick Recipes Recipe : bonappetit.com


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It’s Friday!!! It’s been a crazy busy week but tonight is Girl’s Night with my buddies Bree (aka: Lucy) and LeiLani. I hope your weekend plans include good food and good friends as well!

This week’s Friday Recipe comes from chimeraobscura.com and I think it looks so delicious and easy. Love me some chicken thighs!!

Normally on Fridays I give you a link to a recipe I’ve recently discovered but this week I’m going to shake it up a bit. 

As most of you know, I’m obsessed with my Google Reader.  It is my blogging life line.  It keeps all of the blogs I read in one spot.  It provides me hours of entertainment.  It keeps my research organized.  It’s cool.  It is!

So while I am cruising my Reader, I always see great recipes from the blogs I read and if I want to remember a particular recipe, I just “tag” it.  It’s kinda like putting a post-it-note on it and filing it away in a folder for future reference.  For instance,  if I read a great recipe for Pork Tenderloin, I just “tag” it with “pork” and it gets filed away in the “pork” folder.  If I see a fun DIY project, I just “tag” it “diy” and later when I need to reference it, I know to look in the “diy” folder.  You get the idea, right? 

The really great thing is that my tags have a RSS Feed all their own so….

Today I’m going to share the link to my “chicken” folder.  “Chicken” includes turkey or any other birds.  It could be a recipe for a main dish, a side dish, an appetizer…just about anything chicken/poultry.  Here are a few pics of the yummy recipes you will see there:

This is my older “chicken” file from a google account that I abandoned after I started According To Carey.  But it has waaaaay more recipes in it than my new one.  Here’s the newer one, in case you haven’t had enough.

Hope you see something yummy in the Chicken Files!  Have a great weekend!

Older Chicken Files (click)

Newer Chicken Files (click)

 Your Friday recipe is coming to you a day early, hope you don’t mind.  With Easter coming I wanted to dedicate our time together to that.  Back to your regularly scheduled programming next week!

photo courtesy of picky palette

Pesto Chicken Thighs with Italian Creme Sauce Over Parmesan Couscous | Picky Palate

“But I’ve got couscous!”  Be the first person to name the show that line is from AND who said it…and I will send you a box of my favorite couscous from Near East, seriously!

Happy Friday my friends! I hope you have lots of fun things planned. Here’s your Friday recipe:

Asian Chicken Bake (Sunshine Chicken) from The Mess Pot

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Recipe: Roasted Chicken Thighs with Fennel & Lemon | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn.

A Friday recipe is sorta becoming a tradition around here…hmmmm…

The weather here is stormy and cold and it just makes me want to hunker down in the house by a fire and eat things like this.  It’s easy, it’s comforting, it’s yummy.

Happy Friday everyone, try to stay dry!

I just have to share this one.  I made this for dinner tonight after reading about it in Food and Wine Magazine. It’s called Simplest Chicken-and-Leek Stew by Jamie Oliver (you know, the quirky British guy) from their recent “diet” issue. It was easy, not terribly high in calories  and so, so good!

I did make one slight adjustment, I de-glazed with about 1/2 cup of white wine along with the chicken stock, since I needed to use it up, but other than that I followed the recipe and I will definitely be making it again.

I’m especially fond of the leeks in this recipe. Leeks are my new obsession. Their flavor is  similar to an onion but without the bite and almost buttery flavor.

I wish I had taken a picture of it for you… but I was too hungry to stop and grab my camera.  Here’s the picture from Food and Wine:

Food and Wine Magazine

Eating the leftovers over a little brown rice for lunch tomorrow.  That’s a big deal, I don’t usually do leftovers. Make it! You won’t be disappointed!


This is me, sitting in my pink flannel Christmas pajamas and fuzzy Christmas socks, enjoying a steaming bowl of homemade chicken soup with dumplings. And the best part is, it only took about 30 minutes to make. That’s right, you heard me, 30 minutes.

Naturally, when the weather cools I begin to crave soup.  Soup every day. Bowls and bowls of soup! Now, I’m not going to lie… I occasionally like to eat soup from a can, Campbell’s Homestyle Chicken Noodle specifically. And when I am sick I crave Chicken Top Ramen. I think it must be all the salt.

But nothing, I mean NOTHING beats homemade chicken soup. So when I read this article at The Kitchn for a quick chicken soup I just had to try it. And I am here to report, I have made it nearly every week so far this winter. Or at least my version of it. I highly, highly recommend the “less than an hour” version for weeknights or even a weekend when you don’t want to spend a ton of time slaving in the kitchen.

I’m not going to go over the whole recipe; how silly would that be since they’ve done such a fine job already.  But I will share with you a few tweaks I have made:

I have made this enough times now that I can guess approximately how much of the carrot-onion-celery mixture I want, so I don’t measure. And so far, I have used whatever onions I had in the house which have always been white. I’m sure it’s great with the suggested green onions, I just haven’t given it shot yet. My point is, if all you have are yellow onions use ’em, it will turn out great.

You should also know that I do things a teensy bit out of order according to the recipe, but I think it’s easier. I saute’ my mirepoix (just a fancy French term for carrot, celery & onion) until slightly softened and add the liquid to it, not the other way around as they do at The Kitchn. Feel free to do it your way, it IS your kitchen after all.

Now, a word about stock.  Like most people I often use store-bought stock in a box.  It’s great in a pinch and it has decent flavor if you add some fresh veg to it like they do in this recipe.  BUT I don’t always have it on hand.  Wanna know what I do usually have on hand?  Chicken Soup Base from Sunflower Natural Foods here in Yuba City.  It is organic, it is versatile, it is inexpensive, it’s easy to store and it’s easy to prepare.  And the people at Sunflower are very special to me.  Shop at Sunflower!

What were we doing??  Oh right, cooking soup!

So…. I take about 4-5 heaping spoonfuls of the chicken soup base and add it plus 4-5 cups of water to the mirepoix (the carrot-celery-onion!) and ta-dah… yummy broth!

This is also your opportunity to reach into your spice cabinet and throw in anything else you might like. I love this spice blend from Napa Style here in CA. It has a perfectly balanced blend of garlic, fennel, etc. so I throw a generous pinch in my soup.

(Why does my hand look like a Shar Pei here?  Weird.)

Also at this point I throw in shredded or chopped chicken or turkey breast. You don’t have to if you don’t want to, but it really makes this soup a meal. Let it all simmer away for 10-15 minutes just to make sure the flavors are combined and well developed.

It is at this point you have to make a decision: plain, dumplings or pasta. Plain is… well…. easy. Pasta is really pretty easy also.  Just grab a handful of small pasta such as ditalini (tiny tubes) or acini de pepe (tiny balls) and simmer for just 5 more minutes. Or…..

… you can take the flavor all the way to top and add dumplings. I really like the flavor of the dumplings suggested by The Kitchn, but to be perfectly frank, I have not yet mastered the Art of the Dumpling. I don’t know if it’s the recipe or just my inexperience but I am still working on the perfect dumpling. My dumpling challenges aside, they add such a wonderful richness to the broth that you just won’t get with the pasta. They do take a little longer, but very much worth the effort if you have time.

So there you have it. It’s so satisfying and quite good for you. It’s almost worth getting sick just to have this healthy yummy soup.  I said almost!!