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This is going to be a busy, busy week for me.  So here are few “Crumbs” to keep you busy:



  • Bree and I made this for our last Girl’s Wine and Cheese Night.  It was yummy and not too bad on the calories because it’s made with ricotta. I think next time I would add a little more garlic, a little more rosemary, a pinch more salt, then let it sit in the fridge for an hour so the flavors meld before baking.(click the pic for the recipe) 

    Source: macheesmo.com via Carey on Pinterest

Try something new this week!!


For those who are new around here, occasionally I share what I call my Everyday Art.  Everyday Art is anything that inspires me  enough that I will stop and take a picture of it with my phone or camera.  It can be something I find beauty in or something funny or just something that makes me stop and think.  Just 3 pictures today, from the top left going clockwise:

  • That is a rainbow trout my brother caught on the river last week.  We grew up on the river and fishing is a favorite family pastime.  It is a way of life for us.  It is our culture and our heritage.  I have photos of my grandparents’ lawn with rows and rows of fish caught on the same river and my Grandma still gets out to the ponds from time to time to wrangle a large mouth bass.  I see a beauty in that fish that most people would miss.  And I know how hard it is to hook one of those!
  • I was having a particularly stressful week last month and while walking through Michael’s I looked up and saw this sign.  I started laughing right there on the clearance aisle.  Relax, Carey.  Just relax.
  • I few months ago I was working on a project for a class I took from Brave Girl’s Club.  This quote spoke so much to me so I  created an art piece with it and I wrote below:  “I’m still here, there must be a reason.”  There were more than a few times over the last several years that I wasn’t sure my physical body would make it another year.  But I’m still here, and I spend everyday trying to honor that gift.

Until next time my friends.  And I hope you will stop and admire the Everyday Art in your own life.

Today, I had planned to tell you about a little gathering we had last Friday. It had to do with this photo. And this photo:

But the rest of the photos are still sitting in my camera. And so you have to wait some more. Booooo!!!

Every day at work, various sales reps and vendors drop off fat and sugar laden goodies in hopes we will be lured into buying products from them. Doughnuts, pies, cakes, homemade cookies, muffins, cheese balls. And then there’s the Mac-Daddy of them all: the bacon topped maple bars. It is a long, deep fried doughnut bar, with a sticky, sugary maple glaze, topped with a piece of smoky, fatty bacon. I’m pretty sure my cholesterol goes up 50 points just from smelling it.

Every day I battle valiantly against the junk food, every day I say, “Get thee behind me, Satan!” Every day I deny the lusts of the… tastebuds… and refuse to eat their devil-sweeties.

So imagine my shock when yesterday I arrived at my sister’s house to watch the Superbowl and I found this waiting for me:


Thaaaaat’s right, my sister bought the demon Bacon Maple Bars for the Superbowl! A wolf in sheep’s clothing is what she is!

You may notice the bar in the middle, the one with a slab of bacon atop it, where the end appears to have been lopped off. I may have done that. I may have eaten that bite. Just one bite!

I feel like I need to go to confession and do penance. And I’m not even Catholic.

Right before Christmas I stopped in at the Carwash. This particular Carwash has a gift shop, just a mish-mosh of cute items that you don’t really need but you find yourself drawn to since you have nothing else to do while waiting for your cleaned vehicle.

Anyway, while browsing all the trinkets I saw not one, not two, but three squirrel items!

A squirrel fan! Who doesn’t need one of those?! Ok, I don’t need one of those. But what a great conversation piece that would have been, eh?

This was truly tempting. I could envision it on a bookshelf, as a bookend, on my nightstand which has basically become a shrine to this guy:

But alas, I was in Christmas mode, buying gifts for others not myself, blah blah blah. Little squirrel stayed at the Carwash.

This was the last squirrel I saw that day at the Carwash. A squirrel necklace. I love squirrels and all, but I don’t think I want one hanging around my neck. I don’t need PETA coming after me.

And that was my trip to the Carwash.

Had to take an unexpected break for the last couple days, just a lot on my plate this week. I’ll be back Friday with our Friday Recipe!

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Occasionally, I amaze myself with my… stupidity is kind of a strong word… let’s call it cluelessness.  The other day I was working on a project and needed to find a picture I had posted several months ago.  “No problem.” I thought to myself, “I’ll just go to the website and run a search.”

I sat there, in front of my computer, looking high and low for the search box on my website only realize, about 15 minutes later, that there was no search box on my website.  In the rush of designing last year I completely forgot to include a search feature, the most basic and fundamental component of a website. A whole year has gone by and I just now figured this out.

I am a dork.


You will relieved to know that I have now corrected my tiny faux pas and there is now a basic search box living on the sidebar.   So if you want to find my post on how to make microwave popcorn or you need to find a printable I featured earlier or you just want to see how many times I’ve mentioned squirrels in the past year, you can now find that which you seek easily and without the frustration I put myself through.

I wonder what else I’ve forgotten….

I am stuck here today. I hope to return tomorrow. Mayday, Mayday!!

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It’s Wednesday and I’d rather be here:

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By far, the most popular article on my site is the one on Hudson’s Little Man Party.  Bree (aka: Lucy) and I (and others like Brandy and the vendors) worked so hard to pull that party together.  It was so much fun.   Then a couple months ago the local family magazine Me and Mine contacted Bree about possibly featuring his party in their Spring issue.

So with my blessing, Bree took my original article and photos, cut it down to size and submitted it and lo and behold, it came out in the Spring issue just a couple weeks ago!

Yea us!

PS:  It starts on page 12 if you’re looking for it.  And if you want to read the original article in full, it can be found here.