My Pinecones

Remember the post on pinecones with the template to make your own?  I couldn't take it anymore, I ran out to Michael's and bought a bunch of felt and some Tacky Glue (I haven't used that in years!) and started making my own pretty little pinecones.  Here's what I have figured out so far:

It has been both easy and hard.  The template is pretty straightforward, just print it out.  They recommend using freezer paper to adhere to the felt then trace the template onto the freezer paper then cut out the "leaves".  That seemed like an extra step to me so I just traced the "leaves" straight onto the felt with a black marker.  Yes, it's a little difficult because the felt is not smooth.  Yes, it made it a tiny bit harder to cut out because I had to stay inside of the lines.  Yes, I have a bunch of excess felt with pen marks all over it.  But in the end, I think it's easier my way.

I had forgotten how difficult it can be to cut through felt!  My large scissors were a little worse for the wear to begin with but they were barely cutting at all.  So I bought 2 new pairs of freshly sharpened scissors:  1 small, 1 large.  It turns out the small pair were the only ones that would go through the felt, short cuts are the trick.  From start to finish each pinecone takes me about 1 hour to complete.  I'd say a good 1/2 hour of that time is spent cutting out the pieces because felt just takes longer to cut out.

The top was a mystery.  Family Circle doesn't really show you how they put together the top pieces.  They just say to pinch the pieces together.  Let me tell you, I tried to pinch them them together a bazillion different ways, none of which turned out pretty or remotely looking like the tip of a pinecone.  So once again, I winged it, and I'm happy with it.

And as for the glue, in hindsight a hot glue gun might work a little better.  But I don't have one so the Tacky Glue is a good substitution, just takes a little longer for the top and bottom to adhere.  No biggie.

I thought by now I would have a bunch of pinecones but it's a little slower-going than I thought it would be (like I said, about 1 hour each) and 7 is all I've managed to finish.  But it has been a fun little project to work on while watching Christmas movies!

I had planned to put them on top of the Christmas presents but... I didn't want to part with them!  I'm thinking they might look awfully cute in a wooden bowl...hmmm.....

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