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Want to know what you do when it's 12:30am and you can't sleep because you took your thyroid medication too late in the day? Well, I'll tell you! Better than that, I'll show ya! Because this is what I did last night:
First, I grabbed my alpahabet stamps, my Stayz On ink pad and some rocks that I collected from my brother's house. He lives on the Yuba River, rocks are plentiful.  And free.


Then I stamped the names of all the plants I planted recently: green onions, eggplant, beans, cilantro, basil, basil, basil, you get the idea.


The next day, after the ink was dry, I set them out next to the plant they belonged to.  Aren't they just perfect?


Yeah, I had to make several "basil" markers because I have, like, 38 basil plants.  But that's OK because I have lots of free rocks!


I actually goofed the "beans" one up the first time around.  But it was no biggie, I just flipped the rock over and stamped it over.  And that's another great thing about using these rocks; there are 2 sides so I get 2 markers for the price of one.  Uh, which was free.  Well, you know what I mean.  Maybe next year I won't grow cilantro but I can still use the flip side of the maker for some other crop.



And this is the reason why I made heftier markers.  Like a good little gardener I put all the "freebie" plastic plant tags in the soil along side the plants but every time I water they get unearthed, the wind blows them all over the place and come one, admit it, my stamped rocks are cuter!  I'm going to pull out all of those ugly plastic markers and keep them in a drawer somewhere.

I wish I was brilliant enough to think of this one on my own, but I saw it over at Martha Stewart's site.  That Martha, she's pretty clever sometimes.

Courtesy Martha Stewart

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  1. Big Daddy

    Carey, I'll be by in the morning. I'm taking you to a really nice place with really nice people that work there. It's in Napa. Some call it a hospital, I just call it a place for rest. You need some rest.

    1. Well, I put them out yesterday with that in mind because it was going to rain. They seem to be ok, the StazOn is pretty water proof. But I was thinking the glaze would make them look a tiny bit prettier so I might glaze a few and see how they weather this summer.

      Thanks for stopping by, I would love to hop over to your site!!


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