Pinterest: It’s an Obsession

I pin.  I pin a lot.  Then I talked my sister into pinning and now she pins a lot.  I tempted friends and now they pin.  It's a Pinterest world and I'm just in it.

I don't remember where I first saw it, but one of my favorite bloggers posted a pretty picture on her website and I noticed that in the caption it said "via Pinterest."  Well, my curious self just had to know what that meant, so I clicked on it.

And then my eyes were opened to a brand new world.  A world where people posted thousands of links to pretty things.  They posted links to useful DIY projects.  They posted links to delicious recipes.  And so, so much more.  Let me give you a few examples:

As I clicked and scrolled around the site my brain went on creative overload, so what did I do?  I joined!

To join Pinterest you must request an invitation or get invited personally by someone who is already on Pinterest.  After your request is confirmed you can begin "pinning" pictures of interest, saving them to "boards".  Think of it as an online bulletin board.  When you see something you like, you stick a virtual pin in it to remember it later, that's "pinning".  And you can upload your own inspirations as well, allowing other people to pin them to their own boards.

As if my addiction wasn't bad enough, recently Pinterest added an Iphone App to their repertoire, so now I can "pin" wherever I am: the grocery store, the bank, boring meetings, the I mean... the gym!


Don't miss out on the fun, come on over and join us at Pinterest! Request an invite at or leave me a comment and I can personally send you an invitation to get you started quicker. Pin, baby, pin!!

10 thoughts on “Pinterest: It’s an Obsession

  1. Serena

    omgoodness Care! Did you see the picture of your phone with the app? Look closely at the bottom of the pictures on PinInterest. hahaha

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