How Does My Garden Grow: End of Summer

My Internet is still down so this is going to be a quick iphone update on the garden.

Due to our unusual cold weather most of the summer it took forever for the serranos to grow. But once they did man there was no stopping them. Maybe I should blend them up and save them in the freezer because a girl can't make salsa every day.

Tomatoes are still coming off but are definitely starting to slow down and the weather is already turning cool again so I don't think I will have fresh tomatoes for much longer.

The basil... Well... it is still hanging on for dear life but it did not do as well this year as last. I don't know if it was the pests or the soil or the weather but it was a bit disappointing. In an effort to salvage one plant that was turning pale and weird, I lopped it all the way back to the nubs and it is growing back healthier. Go figure.

I have to show you this and explain: at the end if the spring I tossed some carrot seeds in a pot hoping at least a few would make it. One seedling emerged. ONE. This is it. I have no idea when to pull the little booger up! Just for contrast, here is a picture Wonder Twin sent of her carrots:

All that Washington rain is good for something, I guess!!

I'm getting ready to pull out the plants that have lived out their destiny, amend the soil and figure out what to plant this fall. Head lettuce? What else grows in the cold?

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