31 Days… In October

Here's a  "heads up" on a little blog-share-fest that will be going on during the month of October.  The gals over at... well, they are 8 separate writers each with their own site (below) but in past years they have agreed to each write an ongoing article called "31 Day of...", one post every day during the month of October.  They open it up to other writers and this year I am going to participate.

Now, everyone gets to pick their own topic, anything goes.  Since "simplicity" is my personal focus for the rest of the year I have decided to write "31 Days of the Simple Things."  What are the "simple things?"  They are the little products, events, ideas or foods that put a smile on my face.  They make my life easier.  They are cheap (or free).  They are uncomplicated.  They make me grateful.

The first post will come out on October 1 which is Saturday...<gasp> I'd better get writing!

The writers hosting the event can be found below along with what they will be writing about for 31 days.  Check them out, they have wonderful sites.

Jen - 31 Days to Balancing Both Beauty and a Budget

Jessica – 31 Days of Memory Keeping

Melissa: – 31 Days: Inspired Holidays

Sandy – 31 Days of Warm Connections

Darcy: 31 Days of Photo Tips

Emily: 31 Days to Change the World

Emily: 31 Days of the Little Things

Nester – 31 Days of Charming Imperfection

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