Simple Things-Day 25: Organization


I just might be the world's biggest nerd, but organizational products and the process of putting things in order is a simple thing that brings me great joy. That picture above gives me shivers because it is so put together and orderly. It's like catnip for Carey!

Oh, I'll put off a clean-up job like the best of the procrastinators but it isn't because I don't enjoy doing it. No, it's because I have to ruminate on it for weeks, maybe months to be certain that I've come up with the best organizational plan for the job. I have to set aside time to do research at places like The Container Store. I am probably the only person I know who got excited on a recent trip to San Francisco when I realized my hotel was right across the street from The Container Store.  Fisherman's Wharf?  Who cares, I'm going to The Container Store!

Isn't that pantry just dreamy?

This entire office set from is making me drool.

I can't tell you how many of these storage bins I own. I keep buying them in all different sizes! I use them for things like this:


Yes, I am the goober who took the time to make labels to make her organizational storage bins even more organized.  Big...time...nerd.


Being organized puts my mind at ease and there is something about the method of putting things "where they go" that is calming and therapeutic for me. Almost like doing a jigsaw puzzle. It takes patience and determination to get everything to fit but the payoff is the relief of knowing that when I am looking for my pinking sheers I know exactly where they are: in the closet, first storage bin, 2nd drawer.

Some organizational jobs can take a long time and are not simple, like the bedroom closet.  That one takes some serious planning.

But some are small projects with big payoff.  You know you have a junk drawer in your kitchen, admit it.  Well what if you dumped all of the contents of your junk drawer out and put some drawer dividers or baskets in there and rearranged things a bit so you could actually see what was in the junk drawer? Maybe toss out all the pens that no longer work and takeout menus from 2004.   It wouldn't take long and I promise it will make you pretty proud of yourself every time you open that drawer looking for AAA batteries.

A little simple organizing equals peace of mind.


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