Simple Things-Day 30: Other People’s Cooking


It’s no secret, I love to cook.  I love to read about cooking, I love to watch cooking shows, I love to get in the kitchen with my friends and family and cook up a feast.


I also really appreciate it when other people are willing to cook for me.  Sometimes I am just too tired to stand over the stove and those are the nights cold cereal is on the menu for dinner.  So when someone offers to make me something to eat it is a really great break.  And it doesn’t really matter how fancy of a meal it is, it could be a grilled cheese sandwich on Wonder Bread but it will taste like heaven to me because someone else took the time to make it. 

I have some very talented friends and family members, too.  Here are some of my all time favorite meals/treats they make:

Biscotti & Coconut Macaroons by Amy

Janna’s Pumpkin Cookies

Laura (Cathy’s) Apple Pie

Eddie’s Collard Greens

Martha’s Salmon

Dad’s Chile Verde

Aunt Paula’s Chicken & Biscuits

Grandma Shirley’s Mac and Cheese

Grandma Carmen’s Fideo

…and so many more!

It doesn’t even have to be a homemade dish.  I had surgery a few years back and while I was home recovering Bree called to see if I needed anything.  I can’t explain why but all I wanted was mashed potatoes and gravy from Kentucky Fried Chicken!  And guess what, she brought it and it made my day.

It’s such a simple thing, feeding someone, but it is an act of generosity that never fails to put a smile on my face.  And when someone does it for me, it reminds me to be generous with my cooking as well. 

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  2. I completely agree! Anytime someone invites us to dinner I'm so excited. I don't care what they make....just the fact that I don't have to think about dinner is wonderful!


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