31 Days of the Simple Things: Happy Endings


It's the last day of 31 Days of the Simple Things, can you believe it?! We have come to the end and I hardly know what to say.


I have so enjoyed our time together this past month, sharing my "simple things." But that's what this little space is all about anyway, sharing. And although this is technically the last day of "Simple Things", there is so much more to share in the coming months: more recipes, more diy inspirations, more gardening adventures and.... who knows what!


I have made so many wonderful new friends and my old friends continue to remind me why I love them so much. I look forward to whatever comes next around here because we are not really at the end, it's just a happy new beginning!


If you have just joined us or need to catch up on some of the previous posts you can find them all here:

1.  Nailpolish

2.  Art Supplies

3.  Doodling

4.  Spice

5.  Nostalgic Recipes

6.  Old Movies

7.  Hot Bath

8.  Color Swatches

9.  Sunday Football

10.  Try Something New

11.  Other Bloggers

12.  Celestial Seasonings

13.  Just Sittin'

14.  The Seasons

15.  Words

16.  Salsa

17.  Exercise

18.  Pretty Paper

19.  Squirrels

20.  Nature

21.  Go To Recipes

22.  Printables

23.  Books

24.  Scents

25.  Organization

26.  Scripture Reading

27.  Guilty Pleasures

28.  Cooking Shows

29.  Netflix

30.  Other People's Cooking

31.  Happy Endings

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