Friday Recipe & My #3 Christmas Project: Granola from Ina

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First of all, notice those tags?  Fabulous, if I do say so myself.  The bags and twine came from Garnish, they are also fabulous.

Now on to the real info, our Friday Recipe and the 3rd installment of My Christmas Projects for this year….. homemade granola inspired by Ina Garten’s recipe. Along with Project #4 (you will see that tomorrow) I passed out a little bag of granola.

Ina’s recipe calls for a lot of dried fruit, something I’m not usually a fan of, so I just left it out.  Also, I prefer walnuts over almonds so I made a little substitution.  It’s your kitchen, your food, do it your way.

granola bowl

That is one big batch of granola.  I made a 2nd big batch, not necessarily because I wanted to, but because I had to.

You all know I love and adore Ina, her recipes are amazing.  This was the first time that one of her recipes kinda let me down BUT only because I did not take into consideration that my oven would cook faster than her recipe called for… as in half the time.  Yikes.  Because Ina’s recipe calls for honey and sweetened coconut, those sugars get all caramelized and brown pretty quick.  Faster than I had planned, faster than Ina said they would.  That first batch was just this side of burnt, but had too much great caramel-ly goodness to toss out…

granola baked

…so… I made a 2nd batch of granola from a different recipe, one that uses unsweetened coconut and slightly less cooking time, and combined the finished products.  Here’s the funny part:  I didn’t tell anyone about my little snafu because… well, why would I do that?  A couple days ago my sister texts me, “Your granola was awesome! I want the recipe.”  Alls well that ends well.


Because I believe in quality control, I sprinkled some of my granola over Greek Yogurt (Fage of course) and drizzled a little honey on top.  It was sublime.

I will share the 2nd granola recipe with you next week because, well, you’ll have to stay tuned to find out why!


Homemade Granola by Ina Garten

Don’t forget, I left out all the fruit and be sure to check it after 15 minutes in the oven!  Oh… and if you have parchment or a silplat, use it because all that sticky sweetness will become cemented to the bottom of your sheet pan.
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