Sites To Satisfy The “Granola” In You

In case you missed the announcement yesterday, it’s officially Granola Week around here. 

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This week we are giving some attention to the healthier side of life, maybe adopt some good habits for 2012, and who knows what else!

Today, I thought I’d give you some sites or references to help you explore your “granola-side.”  These are some resources that I have enjoyed lately:


Joy the Baker and Shutterbean are two food-blogging friends who do a podcast for Homefries.   I wouldn’t exactly call either of them “granola” per se, but like you or me they try to balance it all. So not too long ago they recorded an episode entitled “Embrace Your Inner Hippie” and it was hilarious AND helpful.  They bantered back and forth on subjects like: nut milk, coconut oil and kale chips.  If you are a granola-newbie, this episode is a great place to start.  You can listen to the podcast straight from the website or download it to your media player.


I stumbled on to Crunchy Betty’s site a few months ago and have really enjoyed it.  She makes a healthful lifestyle seem less stodgy and boring with her wit and very honest articles.  Her focus is on healthy beauty so there is a ton of information on her site for homemade facials, hair masks and household remedies.  She recently wrote an e-book about healthy skin care for acne prone skin.  Lot’s of fun information on her site, be sure to check it out.


Molly Katzen’s book, The Moosewood Cookbook, was revolutionary when it was published in 1977 because it is “credited with moving healthful vegetarian food from the "fringe" to the center of the American dinner plate.”  My mother cooked from this cookbook, and we are die-hard carnivores.  Molly Katzen’s easy style and delicious recipes can help you get some more veggies on your plate.  Even if you can’t afford the book, her website is full of recipes.


Some of you may be familiar with, a site all about, well, being a mom.  But you may not know about the offshoot site  It runs tandem with and is all about living an organic lifestyle.  They cover health & nutrition, inspirational stories, living mindfully and more.  It’s a great site for learning how to incorporate organic, chemical living into your lifestyle.  A good place to start would be their 2011 recap.

Hope these resources give you some inspiration!

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