Friday Recipe: Orange Julius Knockoff

Normally for our Friday Recipe I will go through my Google Reader or my Pinterest Food Board and share something that has caught my eye recently.  Other times I will actually pull out an old family recipe or a recipe shared by a friend.  But today, it all comes down to what I am craving and I am seriously craving one of these:

Yep, a good ole fashioned Orange Julius.  I want the frothy, citrusy, creamy goodness!  The problem is, there is nowhere in my town to get one.  And while we’re at it, there’s no where to get a good soft pretzel like Auntie Ann’s.  I was craving one of those this week too.

So, I will have to resort to making one at home this weekend.  And that’s OK because I’m sure it will be a lot cheaper to make it at home than driving 45 minutes to the mall and paying for an overpriced drink. 

Now… over the years I have heard that the secret to an Orange Julius is… well, actually I’ve heard there are 2 secrets:

  1. Egg whites.  I can already some of you screaming “Ewwwwww!”  Settle down, you can omit it or use egg white substitute and I’ve even heard of using egg white powder.  I guarantee the original is NOT made with raw egg whites (due to health codes) so my best guess would be powdered egg whites and I hear you can get them at Walmart.  However, raw eggs do not scare me in a recipe so I might give it a shot.
  2. Powdered sugar.  I have seen recipes with regular granulated sugar, and I’ve seen them with powered sugar.  And I’ve seen recipes with both types of sugar.  The powdered sugar makes sense to me because it will dissolve better and it has a touch of thickener in it so it will add some body to the shake.  I’m sure either will taste good.  And if you are one of those people who must use a sugar substitute or honey, I’m sure that will work quite well too.

I’m going to give you a few different links, some with eggs, some without, some with powdered sugar, some with regular, some with milk, some without.  You can pick which one you want to try!

Top Secret Recipes- Orange Julius Recipe

Baking Bites- Homemade Orange Julius

The Idea Room- Orange Julius Recipe

Food Network Magazine- Almost Famous Orange Milkshake

It has been cold, windy and rain in my neck of the woods, hope the sun comes out this weekend!

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