Crumbs: 12-17-12

Here are a few "crumbs" from my week:

  • This weekend, I spent an hour or two going through my great-grandparent's photo albums.  The above photo is of my Polish Great- Grandmother, Annette.  I believe that is some sort of swim dress she is wearing.  She was an excellent cook and I had many wonderful years with her.  The holidays always make me miss her and the others who have gone on. 
  • I love this idea of using old fashioned book covers and converting them to  journal covers or a spot to save your holiday cards.  I'm definitely going to try that one soon.
  • Have you seen these Air Swimmers?  My brother-in-law showed me this new product and it's so clever!!
  • This year I have done something I have never done before: I have been watching all those corny Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies.  Some of them have been painful, bad writing and even worse acting.  But I really enjoyed one from ABC called "12 Dates of Christmas."  It's cute romantic comedy but not over-the-top saccharin.  Or maybe I've watched so many that I'm totally desensitized.
  • We drew names for Christmas Eve and as a result I had to buy this movie as a gift.  Definitely drew a guy's name.  Definitely.
  • I am IN LOVE with these recipe cards from 1canoe2.  They are the perfect mix of whimsy and function.  I first spotted them in a little shop in Nevada City-CA, not far from where I live.  Now I'm regretting that I didn't buy them....
  • It took us a few weeks but we finally got LeiLani from Hello Glam to join mine and Bree's Twitter party.  Don't forget to drop by tomorrow and see what #careyandbree are up to!  The answer is no good, we are always up to no good.

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