Crumbs 1.29.13

cracker jack popcorn

Here are a few "crumbs" I missed last week:

  • I know, I missed our Friday Recipe, so sorry.  The last few days of the week just got away from me.  But I worked this weekend on a fun recipe from my childhood (above) and I should have it ready for this Friday.  Fingers crossed!
  • On the way to/from work I listen to The Splendid Table Podcast.  This episode on olive oil was so informative on what makes good olive oil good and what makes bad olive oil bad.  And we're in luck, one of the inexpensive-yet-quality olive oils recommended originates right here in California, California Olive Ranch.  And while we're on the subject, my favorite olive oil is also from California but is just an hour or so up the road from me: Lucero.  I buy mine at Whole Foods in the bulk section.
  • Ann Voskamp's 25 Point Manifesto for Sanity.  Thanks,  Anne.  I needed that.  My favorite (I think) is #4: Your work is art, it needs a soundtrack. Find your music. Play your music.  Sing your music.
  • Usually when I get a sore throat I make a mixture of lemon juice, hot water and honey and it usually does the trick. It's both soothing and seems to speed up the healing.  But I saw this recipe for a clove-coconut throat soother and I think I might try it next time the need arises.  Which hopefully won't be for a long, long time.
  • This show is old, I caught up on it on Netflix.  I have to admit, I've watched both seasons twice because it is so darn interesting.  You have to be some kind of crazy to do what these people have done.  Or dead, as sadly is the case at times.  It gives me a whole new perspective on Everest.
  • This "hello" shirt is officially on my wish list.  I have always adored retro football tees, and someday this will be mine.



And don't forget:

Today is Twitter Tuesday with #careyandbree!  It's the day that we have a little Twitter party with our friends (you!), talking about all sorts of craziness.  We would love to meet you, drop by anytime tomorrow, the party begins at 8am PST and ends when we finally call it a night.  Join us by following hashtag #careyandbree

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