Crumbs 2.11.13

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1.  Jake picked out this shirt.  I'm just kidding!  His mommy picked it out.

2.  My sister pinned this brilliant idea.  If you have a toddler who has discovered how to shut themselves in the bathroom, you need to do this!

3.  I have seen these little chalkboard spice jars before, but after looking at the photo, I realized my measuring spoons are on one side of the kitchen and the spice drawer is way on the other side.  It makes more sense to keep them closer together, right?  I'm going to have to fix that....

4.  There are so many great makeup tutorials on the web and all over Pinterest these days but I stumbled on this gal and I can't stop watching her videos!  I even tried the No Makeup-Makeup one this weekend and loved it!

5. Aren't these felt fortune cookies so darling?  And way easier to make than real fortune cookies, trust me!

6.  I waaaaaay prefer pencil highlighters to the traditional pen highlighters.  They are hard to find but this site has lots!

7.  Guess what Carey is buying herself for her birthday?!  Squirrel!

8.  I just booked a trip to Myrtle Beach!  I have no idea what is in Myrtle Beach!  But I know what isn't there.... work!

And don't forget....

Today is Twitter Tuesday, hooray!! I have no idea what we are going to talk about today but I can guarantee it will be wacky!  Follow us on Twitter with hashtag #careyandbree

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