Going Through Some Changes…


...around here that is.  You may have noticed a serious lack of posts and then for a couple days the site design got a little weird, and is still a little weird.  Just know that I'm in the middle of a bunch of major things:

  1. For the past couple months I have been participating in Jon Acuff's #STARTexperiment, you can read all about it here.  It has been AMAZING and I've met all sorts of wonderful people.  But it has also been incredibly time consuming.  All for a good cause, you will see the fruits of it soon, I promise.
  2. For all the non-bloggers this isn't going to mean much but I have spent the past few weeks trying to switch this site over from being hosted at WordPress to self-hosted.  The end result will be in a more dynamic site design, better features, etc. HOWEVER... it has been a humongous pain in the derriere.  If you ever have plans to begin a website or blog of your own, please remember my words: start out self-hosted!
  3. I have been laying the groundwork for this year's "31 Days Of" series that begins in October.  It's going to be chock full of information, but it's a little too soon to reveal that yet.  Keep checking back for further info.
  4. I've been enjoying my summer, plain and simple.  I've spent lots of time on the river with my family, tending my garden, volunteering at church, making lots of great food and trying not to get sunburned (and failed).  It's been a great break, but I'm really itching to get back to business here.

So all that to say, I've been gone most of the summer, but I'll be back soon with 31 Days of ??, recipes, squirrels and more!

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