Real Or Not Real? || Day 26



When you've been sick or in pain for long periods of time your emotions become a tad unreliable. Something that wouldn't have bothered you back in your "healthy days" may send you over the edge now. You are more inclined to be hurt or offended by people, whether they have bad intentions or not, whether they actually did something wrong or not.

You can easily become overly sensitive to emotionally charged situations, especially if your condition effects your hormones.  Any hormones.

So it will be very important for you to learn to "check" yourself before responding to a person or situation you feel was unfair or offensive.  I'll use myself as an example:

I am normally a pretty unemotional person.  I don't have high-highs or low-lows, I usually maintain at a steady pace right in the middle somewhere.  That is until I started suffering from chronic illness.  Suddenly I found myself irritated and even angry at people or situations that normally I would have just shrugged off.  It took me a little while to catch on, but once I realized just how impatient and annoyed I had become I decided that I would have to run my grievances by one of my non-sick friends before I went out with my sword drawn.   Either that or let a few weeks pass by and see if it was just me letting my hormones get the best of me.

And on those days when I just cannot change my attitude, no way-no how, then I sequester myself away until it passes.  Just because I feel something doesn't make it right.  Or real for that matter.

At the end of the Hunger Games Trilogy Peeta has traumatic, reoccurring dreams or memories and he has to stop and ask his friends, "Real or not real?"  I find myself asking that question before I take up an argument, "Real or not real?" It has saved me a lot of apologizing.

When you find yourself getting all worked up, especially during a "bad spell", take a deep breath then let it out slowly, and make sure it's a real emotion and not just the pain or sickness talking.  Your friends and family will appreciate it!

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