In Conclusion || Day 31

surviving chronic illness


We made it.  31 Days of traveling together down the road of chronic illness, sharing advise and hope. It was my greatest wish to give you content that would be helpful, no matter where you are at in your journey.  So where do we go from here?

We keep moving forward.  If you are still looking for a diagnosis, keep knocking on doors until you find someone who can help you.  If you have a diagnosis and are trying to find the strength to live through another day of sickness, I hope you will take the time to practice some body & soul comfort. If you are in a spot in your journey where you are having more good days than bad ones, I encourage you to find someone else who is suffering and lend them a hand.

This 31 day series is over but my compassion for you is still going strong.  I will continue to periodically post articles on health, wellness, faith & hope.  In the coming weeks I will be transcribing all these posts into one document that will be available for download, free of charge, so you can remind yourself of the content or share with others.  Of course, the individual posts will stay available here as well and I will put a special tab or button on the home page to help you find them.

Thank you dear readers, thank you contributors, thank you for those who were praying for me during this mission of mine.  I thank God for all of you.

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6 thoughts on “In Conclusion || Day 31

  1. Damaris

    Thank you Carey for sharing your journey. I shared some of your posts with my daughter, Andrea. She was diagnosed last April with an autoimmune skin disease that is extremely rare and not curable. It can be put into remission which it seems to have done since she gave birth on the 4th of September. I have chronic conditions and the battle does get weary sometimes. Praise God that He gives us the strength to carry on day by day. Bless you.
    We all still miss your mom so much. Someday we will all be reunited in heaven. What a joyful reunion that will be! Damaris

    1. Post author

      Damaris, I had no idea you and Andrea were suffering from chronic conditions. I'm glad you were able to relate to some of the content and I will keep you in my prayers. PS: there is an excellent FB group just started up by Chris Morris (one of the guest writers) for those of us who suffer from chronic illness. It's a place to share stories and swap inspiration. I'll send you an invite on FB in case you're interested.

  2. What a fantastic job you have done with this series challenge Carey. I'm so proud of your effort and your final product. What you have put together is and will continue to be such a wonderful resource for anyone, any time. Blessings as you move forward to wholeness.

  3. Linda Bennett

    Well done Carey. Thank you for your perseverance to see it through. Appreciate your transparency and your obvious compassion for others who are traveling this road. You continue to shine dear. Love you.


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