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Just a few leftovers from my week:

  • I think whole chickens and Cornish game hens are funny food props.  I like to make them sing and dance, even if I’m the only one in the kitchen.  True story.  Last weekend I made a simple dinner of game hen, marble potatoes and carrots, similar to this recipe. I trussed it and everything. 
  • Wonder Twin pinned this idea and I think it’s brilliant!  Instead of buying a bed skirt that slides all over and is impossible to put on straight, upholster the box spring with a staple gun!  Now I’m in search of the perfect fabric.
  • My Great-Grandma Pat used to sing a nursery rhyme to me when I was little, but it was in Polish so I never understood a word of it but it had hand motions, similar to “This Little Piggy Went To Market” and I remember it was about birds leaving a nest.  Somehow I stumbled on this explanation of the poem and now I know what she was saying!  I wish I knew someone who could say it still.  Jake would get a kick out of it.
  • Isn’t this forest animals print adorable?  I might need it.  And not just because there are dancing squirrels.
  • If you watch Downton Abbey you MUST watch this clip from Jimmy Fallon!
  • Aren’t these linen tea towels wonderful?  I am a sucker for a tea towel.

…and don’t forget…

Today is Twitter Tuesday with #careyandbree!  It’s a Twitter party with myself, Bree and some of our best buddies, where we talk about… whatever crosses our minds!  Recently we decided that Bree’s favorite animal is a fox which set off a whole chain of fox-finding-fun.  Who knows what today will bring!  Join us on Twitter by following hashtag #careyandbree!


A couple of weeks ago, Bree (aka: Lucy, weddingtulle.com, alwayselegantbridal.net) and I instituted Twitter Tuesday for our blogs and websites. Every Tuesday instead of texting and IM-ig each other all day (which is what we normally do), we move the conversation over to Twitter and have a little Twitter Party by adding the hashtag #careyandbree.  That means that anyone can follow the #careyandbree feed and participate along with us!

We usually start out in the morning with a pre-planned topic like Pinterest and by noon it has rabbit-trailed into other topics such as creating our own signature holiday cocktail, detoxes, wedding trends, Elf on the Shelf and of course, squirrels.

Throughout the day our buddies drop by like LeiLani from @helloglamsquad or Happily Beautiful from @happiy2k and offer their expertise.  We also feature our favorite brands and products from the web or our hometown. We may even have a few giveaways in the coming months….

We would love it if you dropped by next Tuesday, just add #careyandbree to your Tweets or you can just mention either of us (@weddingtulle or @according2carey) and we will add your tweets to the party.

If you don’t have a Twitter account you can still follow the party!  You won’t be able to post but you can read our posts by using a tool like Tweet Grid.

Hope to see you next Twitter Tuesday!