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Because I have so many wonderful family members, friends, business acquaintances, etc., I get to share their talents with you.  Today is such a day!!

I have known about this little project for a while now and have been quietly waiting for their official launch, and that day has come!!  And to make it even sweeter, I know these gals pretty well:  2 of them are my step-sisters (Angela & Andrea) and the other is a friend and… well… I guess you could call her a step-sister-in-law-in-law.  Adrienne is married to my step-brother-in-law’s-brother.  Remind me to show you a picture of our family tree sometime.  It’s kinda wild.

Anyway, these girls are a big part of my life so I know first-hand that they are so crafty and talented and have a great eye for design, color, etc.  They are also all moms of younger children (the oldest is just starting kindergarten), so they are quite familiar with children’s wear and accessories.  They combined their creative energies and talents and launched an online store for handmade, vintage inspired baby/children’s clothing and other fun stuff.  The name of their Etsy store is Eloise & Rue.  Here’s their profile in their words:

Eloise & Rue is the product of three creative mommies. We love to create whimsical, magical looks for little ones that will have people stop and ask you where in the world you got it. No detail is too small and by far our favorite details are the rare vintage finds that we incorporate into almost all of our products. This makes almost every item a limited edition. We hope you enjoy browsing around our little shop and will inquire about any custom requests you may have.

Let me show you some of their gorgeous products:

Lady Violet Onesie

This darling onesie is made from hand-dyed cotton and the fabric embellishment is cut from vintage cloth.  My favorite feature of this onesie is the little lace frills around the legs.

Long Neck

The boys haven’t been left out at Eloise & Rue.  I just adore how the dinosaur tail wraps around to the back:

Long Neck Onesie

Isn’t that so cute??  Again, it is made from hand-dyed, 100% cotton.

Henry Fonda Rose

This cheery accessory features a large rosette made from re-purposed fabric.  It is made to clip onto headbands, t-shirts or anything else you choose!  (And the cutie-model is my niece “Eloise”.)

There are more adorable products so jump on over to Eloise & Rue and tell them Sister Carey sent you!