Crumbs 8.15.14



Here are some left-overs from the past few weeks:

  • As you can see from the above photo, the raccoons are back.  Dirty little thieves.
  • I added a board to my Pinterest called Color Love.  A theme is becoming increasingly clear…. I might be mildly obsessed with shades of blue and green.
  • In the summer, all I want for breakfast, lunch and dinner is popsicles.  I think this one sounds dee-vine.
  • Everyone is talking about the tragic loss of Robin Williams.  Some kind words, some not-so-kind words.  Grace people, grace.  Also, we lost Lauren Bacall who is one of my all time favorites.  She was tough & elegant, sultry & smart.  One classy lady.  The world feels a little duller without them both.
  • My sister started a mobile spray tanning business this summer.  All organic, paraben free, etc.  The color is amazing and fades very nicely. You can see her FB page here.
  • Another sister, niece and I went to see the musical Brigadoon at the local round-about theater.  We had so much fun!  It always makes me laugh when people are standing 2 inches from each other’s faces and belting out show-tunes.  Try doing that in real life.
  • Although I can only have dairy about once a week, I have a new favorite yogurt.  I’m not sure what “French style” means except yummy.
  • Mandi over at Vintage Revivals is over-hauling a little camper and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.  She has added that blue/green penny tile that I love so much.
  • I’ve been burning through the books this summer!  I’m in the middle of Where’d You Go Bernadette, Your Personal Paleo Code, Nom-Nom Paleo and Practical Paleo.   Yes, I am feeling a little better since switching to *mostly* Paleo.  You can find some of my other read and to-read lists over at Good Reads.
  • Can you guess which one I want?  Although, they are all darling.

That’s it for this week, I hope you enjoy your weekend.  I’ll be out trapping raccoons.

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2 thoughts on “Crumbs 8.15.14

  1. bonniemon

    What is your secret for trapping the pesky critter? We have that same trap in our backyard, but the fella we’ve caught only on camera has not taken the bait! Love your posts. TFS!


    1. Post author

      Bonnie, aren’t they sneaky!? The method that works for me is this: 1) make sure the bottom of the cage (at least the front half) is lined with something natural like moss, leaves, dirt because they don’t like the feel of the wires underneath their feet and won’t get in the trap. 2) I use a little pile of cat food in the back of the cage and sprinkle a little around the outside. 3) If I’m up against an especially tricky one I bait them over the course of a few days with raw eggs. I will just place them outside of the cage, let them get used to finding them, them put them inside the cage. They are suckers for eggs. 4) I learned this the hard way, make sure nothing gets underneath the “pan” so that when the spring releases, it doesn’t get stuck “open” 5) sometimes it helps to cover the outside of the cage with a little brush. There you have it, all of my raccoon-wisdom! Good luck!


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