Day 11: Other Bloggers

I’m not the only one on this 31 Day journey; there are actually hundreds.  You can browse the whole list here.  But there are a couple writers that particularly caught my attention when the list first went up.  We are into our 2nd week and I’m really enjoying reading their topics.

One of them is Hayley from The Tiny Twig.  First of all her site is so, so adorable!  Her chosen topic is 31 Days To A No Brainer Wardrobe. Everyday she is giving practical, no-nonsense advise to help you put some order back into your attire.  Right off the bat she challenged her readers to purge their closets, develop a plan, and pay attention to the items they are drawn to over and over. I started reading because I knew I needed some help in that area but I’m actually enjoying the process.  I am now on the lookout for new boots to add to my “collection” of go-to wear.

Another writer whose topic I’m really loving is Rebecca at Older & Wisor.  She picked 31 Ways To Wrap Your Crap.  Besides a hilarious title, my two favorite posts so far are the one on bird-accessories and the one on paper bags.  So clever!

The last writer I’d like to share with you is Ashley from One Ordinary Day.  She chose to write for 31 days on the subject of rest.  I don’t think you can hear often enough how important it is to rest.  God set a whole day aside for it.  Ashley shares on what you’re missing and your health and truth.  It has been such a great reminder for me, so much so that I’ve decided that day 31 will begin a week of blog-Sabbath for me.

The women’s blogging community is full of generous, kind, open hearted ladies.  I count it a privilege to rub elbows with them and am so thankful they took the 31 Day Challenge too.  And although writing a post every day for 31 days is decidedly not simple, reading articles from these gals every day is simply wonderful!

4 thoughts on “Day 11: Other Bloggers

  1. Aw…’re so sweet! I’m so glad that you’re enjoying it. My hubby is *so* ready for it to be over so my craft room can be clean again.

    (Who are we fooling? It’s not usually any neater. At least I have an excuse for this month, eh?)


  2. Thanks so much for the mention! I think the idea of a week long blog sabbath sounds really great! I might join you on that. My poor little brain is not used to writing every single day!