Day 7:


Oh my goodness, we made it to Day 7. I can hardly believe it. I didn’t know if I would have 7 complete thoughts in my head this week. It’s really forcing me to stop everyday and look at my surroundings and everyday activities with fresh eyes. Take tonight, for instance. I had a rough day. Not the worst ever, just physically and emotionally draining.

So I got home and and my muscles were aching and I decided the only thing that would help would be a hot, hot bath. And as I was sitting in the tub, letting the heated water ease my tired muscles, it occurred to me that I don’t do this nearly often enough. Why? Because I’m too busy. I can’t be bothered to take 30 minutes out of my chaotic day  to just sit still.   Pathetic.  Sometimes, it makes me feel guilty because I know that while I’m sitting there doingnothing, there is laundry to be done, dusting to do, articles to write, problems to solve. So I run around with all my jets burning until I burn out.

Maybe, just maybe if I were to carve out a little more time for a relaxing ritual like a hot bath, I could restore some of my energy before I crash and burn.

A bath is a pretty economical way to do it, too. Fill up the tub with water, sit down… voila! Of course, you could add the “extras”: bubbles, a scented candle, relaxing music, a glass of wine or tea. I’m doing good just to sit still for that long, maybe someday I will work up to the rest.

A simple bath. It’s an essential.