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This is my 4th attempt in less than 24 hours to get this article out to you.  Every time I hit “save” it disappears.  I don’t know whether to scream or to cry but darn it all, I will get it done!

I have been trying to tell you about a great, free app I heard about over at DigiTwirl.  Yes, I’m mentioning DigiTwirl because it is just so helpful.  Don’t look at me like that, did I steer you wrong when I raved and raved (and continue to rave) about Pinterest?  Just trust me.

Back to the story.

We are all doing a lot of shopping these days, right?  And we are all looking for a good deal, a sale or discount.  One of the ways stores do that is to provide special deals or rewards for signing up for a loyalty card.  I have several and I do use them BUT… one of the biggest reasons why a balk at signing up for any new cards is this:  real estate.  That’s right, I said real estate.  As in, my wallet doesn’t have enough real estate to hold one more rewards card.

And that’s where CardStar comes in.

With this free app you electronically store your loyalty cards on your mobile device, eliminating the need to lug them around in your purse.  Here’s how it works:


You choose your stores from an extensive list, or add one if you don’t see it on the list.


Then you manually enter your card number or scan the bar code with your phone’s camera.  Voila!  Your card is now saved to your phone.  When it’s time to checkout, just show the cashier your “card” on your phone and they scan just the same as they would your physical card.  Same great savings and rewards but way faster and best of all (at least to me), you don’t have to pack around a 3 inch stack of cards.


And here are a couple other great features of CardStar:

  • When you arrive at one of your stores you can check CardStar to see what the special deals are that day.
  • And…. if you save that store to your favorites list, it will automatically pop up on your phone when you arrive.

CardStar is a great way to save time and money!  See, wasn’t that worth waiting for?

Happy shopping!



I have run across a blog (it might be more of a full blown site or a vlog) that I MUST share with you:


Digitwirl!! Carley Knoblock is the host of the weekly web show called Digitwirl and each week she tackles a problem and solves it with technology. But not just any technology, she (and I’m assuming her team) research all the most popular apps, programs and techno goodies to see which one works best. Her videos are humorous but not too campy, informative but not geeky.

I will try to embed her videos here but I will definitely do so on our Facebook Page so you can see what I’m so excited about, topics like:

One place to manage bills, accounts and statements. (Manilla)


Extend Your Smartphone Battery Life


The password manager that hackers hate.


I have learned so much from Carley and I can’t wait to see what topic she tackles next.

All you have to do to get your weekly Digitwirl is go to the website and sign up to receive notification of when the newest Digitwirl is ready for viewing. Once you are in the site you can also browse all the past episodes as well.

Give it Digitwirl and try, I know you’ll like it!