Friday Recipe: Buttermilk Quick Breads from The Kitchn


It’s raining, the first rain of 2012.  California really needs the rain so I won’t complain but it is making me crave comfort foods.  Soup, hot chocolate, macaroni & cheese, pot roast… all good choices for this rainy weekend.  But you know what else would be comforting?  Some warm, homemade bread.   I know what you are thinking, making bread is a bit time consuming.  Maybe a little too time consuming for a lazy, rainy weekend.  I think The Kitchn might have a solution that will give me the satisfaction of warm, homemade bread and keep me from spending all day in the kitchen wrestling a big wad of dough.

I saw this recipe as I was speeding through my reader and it caught my eye because it mentioned “buttermilk.”  I am always looking for ways to use up buttermilk because when I make my angel biscuits the recipe calls for 1 cup of buttermilk but the stores in my area only sell it by the quart.  So I’m left with all this extra buttermilk and I just hate to throw it out, but sadly that’s usually what happens.  

The only other things I make with buttermilk are salad dressings: Mom’s Bleu Cheese and Grandma’s Ranch dressings.  I haven’t shared those with you yet, have I?  Hmmm… maybe I can make those soon for ya. Any-who….

The other great thing about this bread recipe from The Kitchn is that there is no kneading involved.  These are what you call “quick breads” or in other words “dump it all in a bowl, slap it in a loaf pan and after a short bake you’ve got bread.”

Yet one more plus about this recipe is that it’s a base recipe, with unlimited options for either sweet or savory.  Craving something sweet?  Make it into an cinnamon-scented Apple-Cinnamon Loaf.  Want something savory to go with your meal?  A couple slight adjustments and you can make Pesto Loaf.  The base gives you a great textured quick bread and the add-ins help you make it what you need it to be.  And use up any extra buttermilk.  Win-win!

It’s cold and rainy but I hope we can all enjoy the weekend anyway!  I get to fill out FEC reports for my brother’s congressional campaign.  That should be fun.

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3 Comments to “Friday Recipe: Buttermilk Quick Breads from The Kitchn”

  1. I’ve been using a boxed (gasp!) mix for a gluten-free loaf ….. but this basic recipe looks very similar, so I’m gonna try using this recipe to make a gluten-free loaf! They ALL look yummy. Hope you make one BEFORE you start those FEC reports.

  2. Have you ever tried powdered buttermilk??

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