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This week completely got away from me so instead of a recipe this Friday on Friday Recipe, all you get is this photo of a recipe I hope to share soon.  Just looking at it is making my mouth water because it was one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten.  Don’t hate me.

OK, I’ll give you just a few tiny hints:  there may have been crepes involved.  And a vacation.  And the seaside.  But that’s all I’m saying!

Happy holiday weekend everyone!

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I had the best intentions yesterday to get a post out to you about nail polish… and then I went to my brothers for dinner and was lulled into a food coma by my sister-in-law’s amazing cooking.  So you can blame her.

photo by wenderly at tasty kitchen

It just wouldn’t be  a Friday around here without a link to something yummy.  No Melissa, it’s not a link to a picture of John Mayer.  That’s a joke… sorta.

I stumbled on this recipe from “Wenderly” over at Tasty Kitchen and I think it would be great for the weekend.  It can be grilled so you won’t have to heat up your kitchen, it’s quick,  it’s Greek… which makes me think of the ocean….  Sounds good to me!  Happy Friday my friends!  Cook something scrumptious!