How Does My Garden Grow? A Revival

The sun finally came out here in the Sunshine State… hooooray!  And the garden just soaked it up. Do you remember this picture?

Look at it now just  barely 2 weeks later:

Just 2 weeks later and it has grown enough for this huge bowl of greens plus some:

That whole bowl of mesclun only cost me approximately $.20!  A sprinkle of seeds, a little bit of water (mostly rain), a little bit of fertilizer & soil, and I have enough lettuce to last the whole the week!  The books all say it will come back after I cut it down, we’ll see….

My eggplants, despite the earlier battle with earwigs, are thriving as well:

Those beautiful purple blooms are going to beautiful purple eggplants before you know it!

The green onions rooted well and are ready to be plucked out of the pot whenever I need one.

It’s alive, it’s alive!!  My basil is making a great comeback after all the unseasonal rain and pests.  I’m so relieved and I am so looking forward to the first caprese salad of the season.

And speaking of caprese, my first tomatoes are just about 2 weeks from being picked!  Look at those little green nuggets, I can hardly wait!

All in all, it’s a been a fruitful 2 weeks of sunshine and growing in the garden.  Fingers crossed… maybe I’ll get to pick a cherry tomato or two next week…

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