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I am a member at Influence Network, a site dedicated to bringing bloggers, writers and dreamers together under the umbrella of dedicating our lives to making our online lives mean something.  We encourage each other, equip ourselves with articles and classes and share, share, share.

Today the Influence Network is hosting a linkup where we all share a bit about ourselves and get to know each other (and our sites) better.  We each must post 3 things:

1. A photo of yourself that you love. We want to put a face with a name! 

2.  Three get-to-know-me things. Deep, quirky, fun – you pick. 

3. One valuable thing you’ve gained from the Network. So without further ado, let’s get to the questions:

1. A photo of me that I love– no woman over 30 likes to either post pictures of herself or say that she likes a photo of herself,  talk about pushing us out of our comfort zone!  I’m usually the one behind the camera so I don’t have a ton of recent pictures of myself but if I had to pick my favorite from the past year it would be this one:

It’s kind of cheating because the real reason this is my favorite picture is because it’s of my nephew Jake at the Color Run.  But it’s a decent photo of me, paint and all.  And it is a great memory.

2.  Three get-to-know-me-things:  OK, where to start….

  • I am a 4th degree black belt (Yon-Dan) in Shotokan Karate-do.  At one time (a very long time ago) I was 3rd in the nation in my weight division in sparring and was invited to compete at the Pan American Games in Peru for the United States Karate Team.  Yup, that’s true.


  • The next thing you should know about me is… and most of my readers know this already… I think God put squirrels on this planet just to make me laugh.  Show me a squirrel and I will laugh.

Source: Alexa on Pinterest

  • Lastly, you should know that I love to cook and share a lot of that cookery here on my site.  Every Friday (OK, most Fridays) are dedicated to sharing a recipe, either my own or someone else’s.  If you have a recipe to share, I would love to include it on a future Friday Recipe post!

3. One valuable thing I’ve gained from the Influence Network:   We all have a dream, big or small, and we (members of The Influence Network) are doing our best to frame those dreams within the idea that our online life should glorify the God that created us.  It shouldn’t be this way, but it takes a lot of guts to admit that you have a dream, and at The Influence Network we have the space and safety to talk about those dreams and even receive insight from other dreamers. We are trusting God with our dreams and encouraging each other along the way.

So that’s my input on this linkup, I can’t wait to get to see the other gals and their answers!  If you would like to see the other bloggers in this linkup or learn more about The Influence Network, hop on over to The Influence Blog!