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Unlike some who turn it into a recreational sport, I don’t really enjoy shopping.  I do it because it’s necessary, not because I have so much fun doing it.  But there are a few items I cannot resist purchasing in ridiculous quantities.   Like lip gloss.  I am a sucker for lip gloss.  And books.  So many books, so little time.

One of my other temptations:

RINGS!!!  I have zero will power when it comes to rings!  And yes, those are all mine.  And no, that is not all of them, just some of my favorites.  And that scar on my wrist is from a blind dog named Booger.  And that is my perfectly manicured hand with gel-polished awesomeness.  More on that some other time.

Some of the above rings were gifts, my friends and family know how to get to my heart.  On my pinkie is my class ring.  Ahhhh, the memories.

So, here are a few more rings I’ve seen lately.  I’m trying really hard not to buy them.  Really, really hard.  It’s a losing battle.


Source: etsy.com via Carey on Pinterest

These lovelies are on Etsy. I need some more color in my life. They make me think of spring.

Source: etsy.com via Carey on Pinterest

So, I have a bunch of cherry wood from the orchard I grew up in. I think I need to find someone who can carve me a ring like this one from my precious cherry trunks.

This is so vintage looking. Drool.

Source: etsy.com via Carey on Pinterest

A crown?! On my hand?! If I wore a tiara on my finger maybe I wouldn’t get such weird looks from people when I wear my tiara on my head at the grocery store. I’m only sorta kidding.

Source: etsy.com via Carey on Pinterest

It’s just smart and economical to buy a ring like this. It would go with anything!  On a side note: look at the hair on those fingers!  Really, Miss Hand Model, you couldn’t get your fingers waxed?!  Or maybe it’s Mr. Hand Model??

Another vintage inspiration.


Another nod to crowns.

Source: etsy.com via Carey on Pinterest

Stacking rings are another favorite. Very chic.

And lastly this gorgeous ring from Stella and Dot. Sigh… my kryptonite I tell ya.