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I have this friend, Serena.  We were best friends in Jr. High.  This is us back then:

We lost contact with each other in high school because she moved away.  It was the olden days, we didn’t have email or Facebook back then.  I think we tried carrier pigeon for a while but my letters were too long so the poor little birdies couldn’t get off the ground. But fast forward 24 years, and through the magic of Facebook, we found each other and picked up right where we left off!  This is us now:

After catching up, it turns out Serena and I are really more like twins who were separated at birth.  We listen to the same music, we read the same books, and we both love to cook.   And we share the same view that “homemade” is usually better. And it’s always more fun.

Serena has twin girls and on my last visit to their home in WA, we sat down at the kiddie-table with them and played with play dough.  But it wasn’t the store-bought stuff, it was dough that Serena had made herself.  Besides the “homemade” factor, it’s really great dough!  Way better than the store-bought stuff because it’s really smooth and pliable.  And it’s super cheap because it’s made with ingredients you already have in the pantry.

Serena sent me home with the recipe and I made it the other night while babysitting my niece & nephew.  Here is my niece Mia, very intent on impaling her gingerbread men.  She’s a stinker:

This is the snowman Mia and I built.  Don’t make fun of him, he has issues and is in therapy.

And here’s the recipe!  This recipe is for a big batch, but simply cut the recipe in half or quarters to make smaller batches of multiple colors.  You can also make the big batch but hold off on adding the color until you get the ball of dough on the board and divide it.  It’s a little messier that way, but it will work.