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Time for a new segment around here… we will call it…. Gotta Have It!  It’s pretty self explanatory.  It’s stuff I like- no, stuff I love and must have at least one of at all times.  And they aren’t paying me to say this, it’s the honest truth.  Case in point:  Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm. 

I was rushing through Walgreens one day and for some reason it caught my eye.  I have been a fan of Burts Bees for a long time now, I love their regular lip balm.  When I saw they had a tinted one I just had to try it.  I think I love it more than the regular lip balm! It is a perfect cross between their basic lip balm and colored lip gloss.  It’s super-moisturing with just a hint of color.  There are several colors, but I’ve only tried 2 so far.  Red Dahlia and Pink Blossom, both are fantastic.

I tried it first in Red Dahlia and shortly after I saw my buddy LeiLani, who happens to be a makeup artist.  Within 30 seconds the grilling began:

LeiLani: “What are you wearing on your lips?  It looks great!  Is it Clinique’s Black Honey?”

Me:  “No…”

LeiLani: “Clinique’s Super Balm?”

Me: “No…”

LeiLani: “MAC LipGlass?”

Me:  “No….”

LeiLani:  “Tell me what it is!!”

Me: <laughing hysterically at her because I knew it would drive her mad that she couldn’t figure it out>

It’s light enough that you can put it on and not feel like you are wearing any lipstick or gloss at all.  But it gives you just a flush of color so that your face looks more alive.  Here’s how much I love you, I’ll show you on my own lips.

See what I mean?  Barely there, but enough color to make you feel prettier.  It’s silky smooth too, not at all sticky or tacky like a regular lip gloss.  I think it runs about $7 and it is worth every dollar.  And this concludes our first edition of Gotta Have it!