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Oh my goodness, how cute are these?! See Jane Run is one of the websites I check into regularly. You see, in addition to being an Info-Nerd, I like to buy office supplies and organizational products… I’m a hopeless geek. Folders, binders, boxes, containers of all shapes, sizes, colors… I’m a complete sucker for ’em.

So this morning I was browsing See Jane Work for my “fix” and ran across these:

If you are like me, you have, oh… I don’t know… a thousand cookbooks. And I curl up on the couch and read them like some people read those trashy romance novels in the check out aisle.   I digress.

I will often find a recipe that I want to remember for an upcoming event and I will sometimes mark them with a post-it note.  While effective, it’s not very attractive to have a bunch of yellow notes poking out of your cookbooks.  But these are so cute and would be so fun and helpful since I could easily see on the note what type of entree’ I had marked.