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I’m having a difficult time knowing how to share this recipe.  I came upon it in an unusual way.

A close friend of mine passed away this week.  Her name was Peggy and I loved her dearly.  She struggled with serious health problems for many years and finally went home to heaven on Monday.  Today we will gather to celebrate her love of life and family.

So… as these things go, all week gracious and loving people have been bringing meals to the mourning family and strangely enough that is how I became acquainted with this recipe.

On Tuesday, our mutual friend (and my Hallwood neighbor) Randy brought the family a feast of homemade/grilled tri tip and ribs, lots of french bread and a lovely pasta dish.  I’ve had a lot of pasta dishes, we all have.  This big bowl of penne, although it looked very appetizing, didn’t look much different from most other big bowls of penne I have seen.  I was mistaken.

What I didn’t know til I began to eat it was that it was dressed in this lemony, briny, buttery dressing that takes a regular-ole penne dish to something far more delicate and refined.  It was laced with spicy arugula and dotted with cherry tomato halves which added a summer freshness that one craves this time of year.  Really, really good pasta.  Really.

You can get the recipe from Giada  DeLaurentis at foodnetwork.com and there is also a video here.    It would be great picnic food, or a side dish or even a main course if you wanted lighter fare.  Give it a try, I’m pretty sure you’ll love it.

I can’t help but be sad for the loss of my friend, who more or less became my second mother after the passing of my own mother 17 years ago.  It’s hard to believe that I won’t see Peggy’s face any more.  But I am rejoicing that she is with Jesus now and that someday I will see her again.

Until that day, my sweetest Peggy, we will travel on.