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Printables are the generosity-currency of the blog world.  Seriously, bloggers are so kind and share the cutest, most inspirational items for free. I’m kind-of-a-sucker for a printable.  And if you have been around here for a while, you have at times been bombarded with the printables I find out there in blog-land.  But I have been a good girl, I haven’t done that lately.  In fact, I don’t even remember the last time I shared a printable with you.  So to make up for lost time…..

I know some of you have young’ins. I know because many of them are my nieces and nephews! What a great little DIY project to help your kids start learning how to save their own pennies.

I just had to share this one because I am sort-of in awe of it.

Honey might “do” if he received such a cute list… to me, this printable is the equivalent of batting your eyelashes. Let me know if it works.

A lovely way to discourage solicitors!

Need to organize your recycling? Here’s a little something to help!

Enjoy your printables!  And if you have any printable-finds to share, let us know over at the According To Carey Facebook Page!!