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Roost Tribe and it is hosted by Bonnie from Going Home To Roost.  What is it exactly?  Well, each month Bonnie selects graphics, articles, recipes, design tutorials and so much more to share with the “Tribe.”  Also, she shares her experience in being a “creative” business, helping mentor others in the Tribe along their way.  Below give you the lo-down on what a subscription will get ya:

roost tribe


I have to tell you, September was the first month and I am already IN LOVE with this membership.  Bonnie really understands a “Creative’s” needs/concerns/wishes.  For example, one of her first video tutorials was an Adobe Illustrator tutorial that erased my fears of that program.  I have always wanted to learn to use Adobe Illustrator but was so intimidated by it and after Bonnie’s tutorial I am convinced I CAN use it for ATC and have fun doing it.

The Roost Tribe content comes over several emails throughout the month so it’s a fun surprise in your inbox every week or so!

If you have a creative business (etsy, blog, diy, cooking, crafts, calligraphy, etc.) I know without a doubt you can benefit from a Roost Tribe subscription.  It’s just $5/month and so very worth it!

Join Roost Tribe today so you don’t miss out on all the October goodness!!