Simple Things: Try Something New

We are into our 2nd week of a 31 day series of The Simple Things. You can catch up on the previous 9 days here, but today is about trying new things. Trying new things is a bit like an adventure. And it can be something as big as a new career or skydiving or going from a brunette to a blonde. Which I will never do. Just in case you were wondering.

It can also be something tiny and simple.

I was at Whole Foods last night and while walking through the produce department I spied what looked like tiny little plums. Upon closer inspection I realized they were on a sort of vine, so they couldn’t be plums. Maybe they were cherry tomatoes? As I got even closer I began to realize they were ginormous grapes.  Seedless, purple, gigantic grapes.  I think they were called Happy Holidays grapes or something like that.

My curiosity was killing me, I really wanted to know what gigantic, seedless grapes taste like. So I weighed the risk: I didn’t need to buy a whole bag of them because you could by them per pound. I only needed a couple small stems to give a try. If I didn’t like them, I’ve only wasted about fifty cents.  No brainer, I bought a few.

I got them home and tried them and the verdict is this:  gigantic, seedless grapes taste exactly like regular-sized seedless grapes.

But my curiosity was squelched and it was a fun little experiment that cost me next to nothing.  And these opportunities present themselves all the time if you are looking for them:  a new vegetable at the farmer’s market, a new dish and a restaurant, a new color of eyeshadow, a new scent of candle, a new hand lotion, a new color of nail polish…. you get the idea.

Add a little anticipation to your day, try something new!

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