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Welcome to the kickoff of “31 Days….”!  Every day this month I (and others) will be posting about one particular topic, I have chosen to share “The Simple Things”, as I see them anyway.  I chose “The Simple Things”  because I have had a very busy year and it has been so good in a lot of ways but because of the busy-ness I have let a lot of things pile up.  Lately, I have been feeling the need to slow down and purge the clutter, to simplify.  I need to get rid of all of the “extra” stuff and get back to the basics.

A couple months ago I participated in Melody Ross’ online course Soul Restoration II.  The focus of the class is to help you remember the things that bring you the most joy.  They can be big things like your dreams, your career, your family.  But they can also be less noble things.  Everyday items that put a smile on our face.  Or maybe it’s an outing or an activity that makes you a happy, happy girl.

These 31 Simple Things are the tiny things in life that bring me joy, comfort or ease.  They are usually inexpensive, even common.  Sometimes I take them for granted.  Sometimes they are small items  I couldn’t live without.  Sometimes it is a small action on my part that brings me a bucket-full of satisfaction.  And so for the next 31 days I will share some of these things with you and maybe it will help us all remember just how blessed we are.

I have a couple of things planned, but I haven’t written any of them down yet so this will be a thoughtful journey along the way for me.  I sure hope I can come up with 31 things!!

And with that I give you….. Day One…….


Nail polish! Did you think it was going to be something all sweet and intellectual? I’m a GIRL for crying out loud! But hear me out: Sometimes you are just in a funk. You’ve had a bad day at work. You had a seriously bad hair day. You are just certain your clothes are getting smaller. One sure fire way to cheer yourself up is to grab a little bottle of color and paint your nails. I defy you to slap on 2 coats of bright pink and not feel a little more chipper!

My point is this. Maybe you can’t change jobs. Maybe you are going to have to find a new hairdresser. Maybe you are going to have to stop buying chocolate doughnuts. But even still, you can control one little thing. You can treat yourself to a manicure, whether you go to a salon (a simple manicure is pretty cheap) or do it yourself, in less than 30 minutes you really can have a better attitude.  Looking down at perfectly polished nails throughout the day truly does make me a little happier. It doesn’t change everything, but it helps.

So that’s Day One.  I have no idea what Day Two will bring, but I’ll be on the lookout for it tomorrow.

PS:  As soon as I know the info, I will link you to some of the other 31 Day-ers!

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Here’s a  “heads up” on a little blog-share-fest that will be going on during the month of October.  The gals over at… well, they are 8 separate writers each with their own site (below) but in past years they have agreed to each write an ongoing article called “31 Day of…”, one post every day during the month of October.  They open it up to other writers and this year I am going to participate.

Now, everyone gets to pick their own topic, anything goes.  Since “simplicity” is my personal focus for the rest of the year I have decided to write “31 Days of the Simple Things.”  What are the “simple things?”  They are the little products, events, ideas or foods that put a smile on my face.  They make my life easier.  They are cheap (or free).  They are uncomplicated.  They make me grateful.

The first post will come out on October 1 which is Saturday…<gasp> I’d better get writing!

The writers hosting the event can be found below along with what they will be writing about for 31 days.  Check them out, they have wonderful sites.

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