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Source: ebay.com via Natalie on Pinterest


Here are a few leftovers from my week:

  • I am totally in love with these shoes. Not only do they look comfy, I think they would make my extra-wide feet look narrower. Sigh...
  • WARNING:  The following link contains images of raw meat, pre-hatched eggs, and a chicken in various stages of butchery.  If any of those sights bother you, skip it.  But  I think this post about butchering chickens took a lot of moxie and I really appreciate it.  My 82 year old grandma recently taught a group of ladies how to butcher a chicken and she made pretty penny doing it.  Something so fundamental is now close to becoming  a lost art.  Food for thought.
  • I'm crushing on  this font.  I just need a good excuse to buy it.  Do you think my grocery list is a worthy enough project?
  • Since a few yards of knit jersey doesn't cost much, I think I want to attempt this Bina-style wrap. It looks like something I could throw over a tshirt and lounge around the house in.
  • I did attempt this project last month and it worked!  In a matter of about 45 minutes I had made 3 wrap style leather bracelets.  I guess I should take a picture and show you... next time I wear it I will!
  • I realize this striped cardigan is maternity-wear, but can I have it anyway?  I just love the shape and pattern.  And since half of my wardrobe is black, it would go with everything.
  • I think topping an old table with sheet metal is brilliant!
  • The new Mumford & Sons album is crazy good.  'Nuf said.
  • And lastly, it's November 6th.  If you are an American and you are registered to vote, get out there and exercise your freedom!