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I have been meaning to share this site for quite some time, but you know me, I get distracted.  I have been using this site for years now because I am a Photoshop Elements User, otherwise known as PSE.  I would LOVE to have the full version of Photoshop because it does so many cool things BUT my laptop would roll it's eyes at me and say, "Yeah, right."  if I tried to install a program that huge on it.  And it's a bit pricey.  But God bless Adobe, they have a slimmed down version of Photoshop called Photoshop Elements (PSE) and it does almost as much at the full version for a fraction of the price.

However...one of the few things that PSE does not do that the full version does is run standard "actions".  Actions are like tiny little programs that run within the software itself to accomplish a certain job.  For instance, if you want to turn your color photo into a sepia toned photo, you just click on the "action" and it automatically does the work for you.  Now, there are TONS of actions out there, and they generate some beautiful photos.  But us PSE users were not able to run actions at all until recently and even now, we can only use actions that were specifically created for PSE.  You guessed it, the PSE-specific actions are hard to find.

And this is where the blog CoffeeShop comes in:  Not only do they give you wonderful tips about working in PSE, they have a bazillion FREE PSE actions.  You heard me, FREE!  And they generate some GORGEOUS photos.  I have downloaded dozens of their actions and I use at least one every time I post pics here on the blog.

Here are some examples from their site:

See what I mean? Such an easy fix and such great payoff!  So stroll on over to CoffeeShop and download some fun actions!!

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When you are a graphic artists, or a designer or you just like to look at pretty things, websites like this one are an invaluable resource.  The site is called Photo Card Boutique and they specialize in taking a gorgeous photograph and pulling the colors from it to create a "design card".  I LOVE IT!

Everyday they post a new card or two, showcasing brand new color palettes that make your design work a breeze.  Here are a few examples that have caught my eye recently:

I just adore this palette.  It makes me want to paint something.

I find this one so soothing and relaxing


>1) I love rannunculus, 2) This palette is the perfect combo of sophisticated and playful.

I may or may not be planning to redesign the site with the palette... I'm not saying for certain...but maybe....

Take some time to pan through this wonderful site and add them to your reader so you don't miss their daily inspirations.


I don't know why it has taken me this long to tell y'all about one of my new favorite sites:  Vintage Revivals!

Just take a look at some of these projects she's done:

First of all, how about this Anthro inspired mirror!?  I am so on the lookout for a cheap mirror so I can give it a try!

And this mural project... love it!

She was even recently featured on the Nate Berkus Show!

Mandi is the brilliant mind behind Vintage Revivals and the real reason I love her blog... she says things like "I love your guts" and "my Crappy Crappy Credenza".  Seriously, you have to jump over to her site and check out her quirky, hilarious style!

Here's a darling blog I ran across... I don't remember how... I do that a lot... anyway, I think maybe there was a link on one of those link-up party posts and when it clicked on it, it landed me at Madigan Made and I've been following ever since.

So I'll give you a few quick reasons why I love to visit Madigan  Made:

  1. She shares a wide variety of diy, cooking, craft & deco ideas.  There are always plenty of pics so you can see her process, she gives easy and thorough instructions and she is not afraid to show you the failures along with the successes.  I think the project that first lead me to her site was THIS one with the milk-paint apothecary jars and I am on the prowl for some cheap apothecary jars just so I can try it.
  2. Courtesy of Madigan Made
  3. One of her diy projects was this darling decorative chalkboard. She changes the quote on it once a month and I just love to see what she's put up there and how she's decorated around it.
  4. Courtesy of Madigan Made
  5. She's always making these darling printables...you know what a sucker I am for printables!
  6. Courtesy of Madigan Made
  7. The site also has a Facebook page and she probably posts at least twice as much info there; all sorts of projects, recipes and other fun blog-stuff.

So there you have it, another fun little blog to add to your Reader or stop by her Facebook page !

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Sometimes I feel like I'm late to the party.  You know when you discover something terrific like a new restaurant or chic clothing store and then you realize everyone else has known about it for a long time?  And you feel left out.

That's how I felt when I discovered  Tip Junkie.  In typical Carey-fashion, I was blog hopping one day and I got about 5 blogs deep when I discovered a great tutorial from Tip Junkie. So I went to the website and LOVED it and from that point forward I recognized how often articles from Tip Junkie are passed on by other sites that I read regularly.  You know like when you find a car you like and suddenly you see them everywhere?  Admit it, you know what I'm talking about.  I love Hummers.  Watch, now you're suddenly going to be abnormally aware of Hummers.  I bet tomorrow you see a Hummer and think of me.

Anyway... I was late to the Tip Junkie party but that's ok because I'm catching up!  Hardly a day goes by that my Google Reader isn't full of great tips and tutorials from Tip Junkie.  Here are a few examples:

Making Your Own Headboard

Fun With Shrinky Dinks (yes, it still exists!)

Tons of Holiday Crafts

Some posts are Tip Junkie originals, some are gleaned from other DIY/Craft sites and contributors but it is a ton of fun and a great resource if you are looking for a creative idea, especially for the holidays.  Visit them and let me know how you like it!

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I have only just stumbled on this blog and I am IN LOVE!   Knock Off Decor isn't just a DIY site, they show you how to replicate some of your favorite looks from stores such as Pottery Barn, Anthropolgie and others.  If I could afford to fill my spaces with items purchased from these stores, I would do it BUT I do not have unlimited resources so the tips from this site are just ingenious.

Here's a knock off from Pottery Barn:

And here's one from Anthropologie:

This one from Restoration Hardware is one of my favorites because I love how simple yet stylish it is.  I have some old house plans from my childhood home that I want to transform like this.

Jump over to Knock Off Decor and see what beautiful projects await you!

I read a LOT of blogs.  They are part of my morning routine:  a cup of coffee, check my email, then check my Google Reader and catch up on all of my favorite blogs.  By far ,the genre of blogs I read the most are food blogs.  I just love to read about food, see pictures of food, learn about new cooking techniques or equipment, etc.

Well, one of my favorites is Tasty Kitchen, managed by the lovely Ree from The Pioneer Woman.  One of the reasons I like it is the content is from just regular people like me.  The recipes remind me of food I would see at one of our own family gatherings and the recipes, in general, are simple and straightforward.  Users of the site rate the recipes they have tried so you can confidently pick a winner.

You won't get bombarded with ads or outside marketing on this site and it's organized really well.  You can even create your own "recipe box" to collect all the yummy recipes that you want to remember.

Scoot on over and take a look around.  I'm betting you will find something delicious for dinner tonight!