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pretzel roll title

If you 're new here you might be wondering why I'm posting our Friday Recipe on Sunday night. The rest of you already know why: because I can't get my act together! Just when I think I'm getting back into my routine I run across a speed-bump (a heinous cold, physical therapy, raccoons) and it throws me off course again. It's tough being me.

One thing I did right was make these Salted Pretzel Rolls from Bake Your Day. I follow Bake Your Day's blog and have tried a few other of her recipes with great success so I thought, "Why not!" I like rolls. I like pretzels. This is a mash-up I can get behind.

First off I want to tell you, these are deeeeeee-licious! I mean, seriously delicious. The outsides with their browned & salted tops are crispy-crunchy but the insides remain fluffy and delightful, especially straight from the oven all hot and steaming... with a pat of butter....

pretzel butter

Second, this recipe is so much easier than you might imagine. For the "mixing" part, the electric mixer does all the work. Then there is a 2-step cooking process which sounds intimidating but trust me it's easy and kinda fun. You feel a little bit like a scientist and afterward you will feel smarter. Rolls that are scrumptious as well as raise your IQ!

pretzel bites

Thirdly, there is a 2nd option in this recipe to make them into pretzel bites instead of rolls. I put aside a couple handfuls of dough to try the pretzel bites. After you make the "bites", simply toss a smashed clove of garlic and some butter into a pan, warm over medium until it is melted. Throw out the garlic clove and toss in some chopped parsley. Drizzle over the pretzel bites and eat while still warm.

I made these pretzel rolls/bites one Saturday when I was by myself at home and they were so good I threw them in a cloth napkin and drove down the road to my brother's house to share with him and his family. As it turned out, he was having a shooting party so we passed the pretzel bites around till they were gone; it took about 47 seconds. Later my brother called to tell me how insanely delicious they were. They are that good.

So jump on over to Bake Your Day and give it a try! You will either love me because they are so tasty or hate me because you just can't stop eating them.


I've been getting back into the kitchen a little more, but I'm having a hard time taking photos at the same time. I know I prefer to read a recipe post with photos, I'm betting you do too. So if anyone would like to volunteer to follow me around day after day and take pictures of my hands, measuring spoons and cutting board I am accepting applications. The stipend pays in pretzel bites. No takers?

pretzel long



Can you believe November is already here?! Oh.My.Goodness.

November 1st hit and immediately I began to think about Thanksgiving, I can't help it.  Partly it's because I want to be prepared.  But the other "partly" is because I'm dreaming about the new dishes and the old favorites that will be present at our Thanksgiving table.  It's very exciting!  However...

...many, many years ago I made the mistake of making homemade rolls for Christmas.  It was a mistake because from that time since I have been charged with providing the rolls for every Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Sometimes I make traditional rolls from the Betty Crocker cookbook.  Sometimes I make my mom's classic Angel Biscuits.  But this year I'm thinking about changing things up and making  "Lambert's Throwed Rolls."

I had seen these rolls popping up all over Pinterest but I didn't think much about it until my friend Amy (and fellow food nut) mentioned them in an Instagram post.  And now I can stop thinking about them!

Amy says “A family favorite when we visit Springfield, MO.  I found the recipe for their rolls and holy cow…they are goooood.  I even threw them at my kids to get the full effect.”

I feel like I’m missing  part of the story.   Are you supposed to chuck them at people?  Because I don't think my dad would appreciate me hurling bread at him, although Jake might find it funny.  Why are they called “Throwed Rolls?”  And who is Lambert? Is that a restaurant?  Or is Lambert the baker who first made them?  I just don’t know, maybe someone can enlighten me.

At any rate, Amy says they are tasty and that’s good enough for me so I think I’m going to give them a shot this year.  Via Pinterest I found a recipe for them over at Tammy’s Recipes.  If you aren't afraid of yeast (I’m not) these should be pretty straight forward.  They look fluffy and buttery and I think they will go beautifully with turkey.  And stuffing.  And gravy.  And… well, you get the picture.

Let me know what you're planning for  Thanksgiving!  Happy weekend, friends!!


Copy cat recipe of Lambert's Throwed Rolls:  http://tammysrecipes.com/just_like_lamberts_throwed_rolls



It’s raining, the first rain of 2012.  California really needs the rain so I won’t complain but it is making me crave comfort foods.  Soup, hot chocolate, macaroni & cheese, pot roast… all good choices for this rainy weekend.  But you know what else would be comforting?  Some warm, homemade bread.   I know what you are thinking, making bread is a bit time consuming.  Maybe a little too time consuming for a lazy, rainy weekend.  I think The Kitchn might have a solution that will give me the satisfaction of warm, homemade bread and keep me from spending all day in the kitchen wrestling a big wad of dough.

I saw this recipe as I was speeding through my reader and it caught my eye because it mentioned “buttermilk.”  I am always looking for ways to use up buttermilk because when I make my angel biscuits the recipe calls for 1 cup of buttermilk but the stores in my area only sell it by the quart.  So I’m left with all this extra buttermilk and I just hate to throw it out, but sadly that’s usually what happens.  

The only other things I make with buttermilk are salad dressings: Mom’s Bleu Cheese and Grandma’s Ranch dressings.  I haven’t shared those with you yet, have I?  Hmmm… maybe I can make those soon for ya. Any-who….

The other great thing about this bread recipe from The Kitchn is that there is no kneading involved.  These are what you call “quick breads” or in other words “dump it all in a bowl, slap it in a loaf pan and after a short bake you’ve got bread.”

Yet one more plus about this recipe is that it’s a base recipe, with unlimited options for either sweet or savory.  Craving something sweet?  Make it into an cinnamon-scented Apple-Cinnamon Loaf.  Want something savory to go with your meal?  A couple slight adjustments and you can make Pesto Loaf.  The base gives you a great textured quick bread and the add-ins help you make it what you need it to be.  And use up any extra buttermilk.  Win-win!

It’s cold and rainy but I hope we can all enjoy the weekend anyway!  I get to fill out FEC reports for my brother’s congressional campaign.  That should be fun.



There are some recipes that are just so common we forget about them.  Angel Biscuits have been around for-ev-er.  Open up just about any Betty Crocker cookbook and you will find them.  They are so easy to make and just plain tasty!


I made 60 biscuits for Thanksgiving and it only took about an hour, no lie.  This is me mixing the biscuits by hand in the ginormous bowl, because the only way to mix biscuits is by hand.

My mom made these biscuits often for dinner because although there is yeast, you don’t have to let it rise all day AND you can roll out the biscuits earlier in the day, let them sit in the fridge until about 1/2 hour before dinner then cook them just before dinner so everyone gets a chewy, hot delicious biscuit.

Making a triple batch might take an hour but making one little batch for a weeknight dinner takes no time at all.  The one thing I will warn you about is this:  don’t over mix your dough! Once you get all the ingredients in the bowl, just mix til combined. The mixture will be kinda wet so throw lots of bench flour down before you turn the dough out on to your board.  Then dust the top with flower as you smoosh the dough flat (by hand) for cutting.  Also dust your cutter or knife so it doesn’t stick.  It takes some practice to get it JUST right but really, even if you make a few goofs, it’s a forgiving dough and you will have some rich, yummy biscuits for dinner in no time.

Mom’s recipe is below.  I hope you have a wonderful, delicious weekend!


Mom’s Angel Biscuits


1 package dry yeast

1/4 cup warm water

2 1/2 cups flour

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon baking powder

1/8 cup sugar

1/2 cup shortening (Crisco)

1 cup buttermilk


Preheat oven to 400.

Dissolve yeast in water and set aside.  Next, mix dry ingredients together in order given.  Cut the shortening into dry mixture til the mixture with all it’s chunks of shortening resembles peas on a sandy beach (how’s that for a visual?!).  Stir in buttermilk and yeast mixture.  Blend by hand or with a dough cutter.  This is the messy part, but stick with it (no pun intended).  At this point you have some options:

  • Refrigerate the dough until you are ready to roll it out and cook the biscuits.  Let them rise and come up to temp for about 12 to 15 minutes before baking.
  • If you are ready to eat then proceed as follows:  Dump the dough out onto the well floured counter or board (as described earlier).  Knead lightly, roll out the dough to about 3/4 inch and cut the biscuits either with a knife or biscuit cutter.  Place in a greased pan, separated slightly, they will spread out a tiny bit as they bake.  Bake for 12-15 minutes, depending on the size you cut them.

I hope that all makes sense but if you need more help let me know!


Could this be any easier??