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I wanted to do something special for Valentine's Day for the other 3 nuts I live with.  But with so many other things going on this past couple of weeks, I just didn't have time to do anything fancy.  And because I'm lazy.  So I did this  (please excuse the quality of the photos; I was too lazy to pull out my big camera):

1) I printed out this design from Twig & Thistle (another printable, I know!) onto little food envelopes that I also purchased from them.  Because I was too lazy to make my own design.

Twig & Thistle, Valentine's Printables


It was so easy. Just feed the bags through upside down so they don't clog up the printer (which incidentally is the only way they would print correctly anyway) and set the print size to 5x8. Thanks Twig & Thistle!

2) I made brownies. But I'm not sure if they quite qualify "homemade" as it says on the bag. I used Betty Crocker. Because I was too lazy to go the store and get the ingredients for my mom's 4H Brownies.

3) I wrapped the brownies up in plastic wrap, put them in the bags and closed them up with little sticky hearts that I had in my craft-stash. And I added their names to the bag. I just printed their names out on my computer, cut them out and pasted them on. Because I was too lazy to write them fancy with colored pens.

I left them out on the counter, so they can pick them up tomorrow before they leave for work and school.  And that was my Lazy Valentines.   Maybe next year I'll plan a little better and do something fancy.

Hahaha, I crack my self up.