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The power of suggestion is dangerous.  For example, last week a gal at my office was eating pork rinds (aka : chicharrones).  I have not thought of or eaten pork rinds since... well, I think it was while my Grandpa Dee was still alive and that was over 20 years ago.  He used to buy the big bag of spicy pork rinds and snack on them while watching television.  Or in the car.  Or when he driving tractor.  Or in bed.  He had a snacking problem.  Anyway... he used to share them with me and that salty, crispy, spicy crunch of deep fried pork fat sticks in my memories of him.  So when my office pal was eating them, I immediately started craving them.

It has been a week and I have not yet given in to the chile-flavored-pork-rind-craving, but I don't know how much longer I can withstand.  Hold fast, Carey!!

You can bet I'm going to give in sometime this weekend.

Today's recipe was also brought on by the power of suggestion.  Lately, I have been considering pulling out my mom's recipe for cinnamon rolls and doing a little experimenting.  I've only made them once and that was a very long time ago.  It will be a lot of trial and error to get them just right.  I hate error.

Then one day I was Pinterest-prowling and ran across Ree's recipe for Orange Marmalade Rolls.

It was the "orange" that got me, you know how much I love my citrus.  Plus they are a homemade-knockoff of these:


Pilsbury Orange Sweet Rolls.  They are so disgustingly sweet, processed, sticky and... yeah, I admit it, I like them with a big cup of coffee.   But homemade would be OK, right?  I can control the sugar and know that no Franken-foods went into the recipe.  So I filed that away in the back of my mind, craving them a little.  But not in a hurry.

Then I ran across this recipe from Saveur:


Sweet Orange Buns! It was a sign! Right?  Clearly, somebody wants me to eat orange cinnamon buns, it's all part of a Master-Plan.  The Master-Plan that makes me gain 15 pounds and have to wear jeans with an elastic waistband.

The gravitational pull towards these orange buns is going to get the better of me, I can feel it.

Whether you make the Saveur version or Ree's version, I hope you give them a try.  And gain 15 lbs.  That way I won't feel alone in the stretchy-pants-department.


My weekend started with preparing a Potatoes Au Gratin dish from Ina Garten for Easter Brunch.  I'll share that recipe on Friday because it was de-li-cous.


I must shamefully admit, however, that my super-preparedness backfired on me because I completely forgot to take the potatoes with me when I went out to my Dad's for Brunch!  So we ate them for dinner instead.


I also experimented with our last Friday Recipe, the Apple Pie Egg Rolls.  They were good, but need some tweaking.  And I have about a dozen egg roll wrappers that need to be filled with something....


But really, how can you go wrong with apples & cinnamon?


They were pretty good straight out of the oven... with vanilla ice cream.


Sunday morning was all about biscuits.  Triple batch.  No big deal.


I also started looking at garden layouts, brother and I have big plans for vegetables this year.


I spent most of Sunday laughing at this guy.  He owns my heart.

There was also a lot of bass fishing at Easter Brunch.  Because that's what we do.

One right after another.

Pretty much just stick your line in the water an you'll catch one.  They're pretty hungry right now.

All in all, a great weekend.  Cooking, fishing, family.  Doesn't get much better than that.