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I have hit the floor running every day this week and that means that you are regrettably getting a drive-by recipe today. You don't mind, right?

My buddy Serena (aka: Wonder Twin) discovered this recipe on Pinterest and posted it to our "Did It/Made It" board. I really want to try it because

  1. I have no spare time right now. None.
  2. I love dessert. Nay, I NEED dessert.
  3. I have family members with food allergies and this quick cake is gluten, dairy and sugar free. Yippee!!
  4. Even if it's a total flop (which I don't think it will be), you've only lost 2 minutes of your day and pennies in ingredients. Totally worth a shot!

The recipe is from ATX Gluten Free and you can substitute your favorite gluten-free baking mix, which for me is currently Cup-4-Cup from Chef Thomas Keller. My sister has been using it on all our favorite family recipes and having some great results!

Looking at my calendar, I should have 2 minutes to myself... in November. Maybe I can make this cake then. I hope you have some time this weekend to try this little dessert!!

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It's time again for that little game around here we like to call:

Spring is here, although you would never know it here in Northern California since it has been cold and raining and still feels like winter.  But hopefully the May showers will soon bring summer flowers so that's what my eyes has been drawn to lately, FLOWERS:


Isn't that just the dandiest little bouquet you ever saw?

I don't know what these are called but they just scream SPRING to me.

Look closely and you'll see that these are made out of Qtips!

Paper peonies? Yes please.

Ranunculus are one of my top 3 favorite flowers.

Source: google.com via Jackie on Pinterest

I also love dahlias.

Source: tiffany.com via Melissa on Pinterest

Tiffany flower ring, nice!

If I had time I would make this.

Lovely hair accessory.

Source: google.com via Lucie on Pinterest

I just love the tiny little blossoms on this cake, so beautiful.

There you have it, just a few of the blossomy goodness I've seen lately!!