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I have been so so so incredibly busy.  I know, I say that a lot but it is always true.  I live a crazy, fun life.  But this week is especially busy and soon I will have a very special announcement to explain why.  I'm hoping by this weekend I can tell you what I've been up to... you will never-ever guess.

But in the meantime, I thought I 'd share some Everyday Art from my phone.  Starting from the top, left to right:

1)  I had to take a picture of this because my brother's name is Eddie, which is a really uncommon name, and he is an uncle.  Then when I checked out, guess what the checker's name was?  Eddie!  It was weird.

2)  This is my finished canvas from Brave Girls Art A La Carte class called "I have An Idea."  It's a really easy project, but you learn some interesting techniques with paint and other media.  I love how it turned out and it only took about 3 days, including drying time.

3) It's Fall and that means pomegranate season.  And I happen to work for an "ag" business.  And this pomegranate was brought back all the way from a huge pomegranate farm in Southern CA.  And I happen to be an expert at opening pomegranates because we grew them on our farm.  And I ate the whole thing.  And it was yummy.

4)  Did you know Jujube's are a real food and not just the multi-colored candies that you buy at the movie theater and they are so sticky and chewy that they can lift out your fillings?  Ok smartypants, I didn't know!  But they had tubs of them at Whole Foods last week and I was sooo tempted to buy them just to see what I could do with them.  But I knew it was going to be a busy week so I passed.  Maybe they will be there again next week.  I still don't know what they are exactly... a nut?  A fruit?  A vegetable?

Don't be so busy that you forget to stop and wonder at the little things!


Whew, it has been so crazy I almost forgot to post the winner of this girl canvas:

I cut up all of your replies and put them in a container:

And I drew out..... drumroll.....

Laurie Neubert!!!  Yea Laurie!!  And I even have your address!! Congrats to Laurie and thank you everyone for participating!


I wanted to tell you about a class I took this past month that was so much fun.  It's an online art class taught by Christy Tomlinson over at The Scarlett Lime.

It's a mixed media course, which means you learn how to mix different supplies all onto one canvas: paper, inks, fabric, stamps, paint, chalks... basically anything you can get to stick to the canvas!  Christy specializes in what she calls "She Art", renditions of pretty girls, usually with an inspirational message of some sort, just like the girl above.

I really enjoyed this class!  I've always loved the "layered look" but was usually too scared to attempt it.  I'm something of a perfectionist and I was always worried about "ruining" my art pieces.  My fears were totally erased in this class.  I not only learned the techniques I had always wanted to learn, I learned to let the art develop all on it's own.  Sometimes it came out exactly like I had envisioned, like this one:

But sometimes the piece would have a mind all it's own, like this one:

When I started this canvas, I had planned to have a really light blue canvas, lots of white and yellow and an overall bright look.  I wanted her hair to be longer and wispy.  As you can see, it didn't exactly turn out that way.  But I think it turned out great despite my best efforts to make it something else.  The phrase, in case you can't see it, says "she had dreams... beautiful dreams."

If you are a weekend artist or looking to learn more about mixed media I would highly recommend this class. It's only 3 weeks and includes very detailed video instruction, templates, shopping lists and lots more.  There is a new session beginning April 11th and the cost is just $44.95.

And for those of you who don't want to make your own she-art....  I'm giving away this canvas:

I only have so much wall space and I've still got 3 more canvases to finish in the course, so this pretty little girl is going to live with one lucky reader. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this post, anything you like!  Entries will be received until Midnight, Sunday, April 3rd.  I will announce the lucky winner on  Monday, April 4th!