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I have hit the floor running every day this week and that means that you are regrettably getting a drive-by recipe today. You don't mind, right?

My buddy Serena (aka: Wonder Twin) discovered this recipe on Pinterest and posted it to our "Did It/Made It" board. I really want to try it because

  1. I have no spare time right now. None.
  2. I love dessert. Nay, I NEED dessert.
  3. I have family members with food allergies and this quick cake is gluten, dairy and sugar free. Yippee!!
  4. Even if it's a total flop (which I don't think it will be), you've only lost 2 minutes of your day and pennies in ingredients. Totally worth a shot!

The recipe is from ATX Gluten Free and you can substitute your favorite gluten-free baking mix, which for me is currently Cup-4-Cup from Chef Thomas Keller. My sister has been using it on all our favorite family recipes and having some great results!

Looking at my calendar, I should have 2 minutes to myself... in November. Maybe I can make this cake then. I hope you have some time this weekend to try this little dessert!!

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