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Cousin Christmas 2012 is tonight!! I can't remember how long this has been going on, but some years back my cousin Jill, my sister Natalie & I instituted a holiday tradition we call Cousin Christmas. We exchange small gifts (shopping primarily from each other's Amazon Wish Lists), eat our favorite snacks, and drink our favorite beverages. Oh, and wear our Christmas pajamas as you can see in the photo above from Cousin Christmas 2010.  That year I decided makeup was not necessary.  Then my cousin decided to take a bazillion photos and I regretted that decision.

I hear she got a new camera as an early Christmas present.  This year I will be wearing makeup.

After some group-text-planning, we decided to have chips & salsa from Chili's restaurant, hummus and we are going to try a special  holiday cocktail called Winter Wonderland (above). The recipe comes from singlemindedwomen.com and it is a lovely concoction of vanilla vodka, white chocolate liqueur, creme de cacao and coconut.  It sounds like a warm snowball in a glass... or something less cheesy. Anyway, I'm looking forward to trying it, I don't see how it can't be yummy.

Of course, if that doesn't work out I can always have my standard mug-full of marshmallows.

Cousin Christmas is the official kickoff of my holiday celebrating and I'm so excited to eat good food, share time with my loved ones, and remember the greatest gift of all: a tiny babe who came to us one holy night.

...A thrill of hope, a weary world rejoices

For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.

Fall on your knees, O hear the angel voices

O night divine, O night when Christ was born...


If quoting movies were a recognized language, my whole family would be considered bi-lingual.  We quote movie lines to each other constantly!  Christmas movies are our all time favorite movies to quote, especially Home Alone I & II.  In fact, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know the line “Merry Christmas you filthy animal…and a Happy New Year!” 

Another ritual in our family is a little tradition we call Cousin Christmas.  My cousin Jill, my sister and I take one evening the week before Christmas to exchange gifts with each other and we always get each other a special ornament.  I had a hard time finding a good ornament this year so instead, I made my own…. inspired by a favorite movie quote… from Home Alone II!


I swear, I’m not doing a paid advertisement for Michaels but I found these little porcelain Christmas trees in their clearance section for less than $1.  I grabbed those up and knew exactly what I was going to do with them.  I printed out the movie line that we have repeated to each other a hundred times, if not more, and the date to commemorate our 2011 Cousin Christmas.  I tried printing it several different ways but finally landed on white lettering on a black background.


I put down a light coat of Mod Podge, pasted the letters down and set them aside to dry.  Then I realized I put some of the words on backwards, had to peel them up, reapply the Mod Podge, and let them dry once again.  I do things like this on a regular basis.


They dried in less than an hour and they were perfect!  Total cost for both ornaments was less than $3 but worth so much more!


How have we not talked about this yet?!  Oh right, I’ve been busy learning how to organize a Congressional campaign… sorry ‘bout that.

But it’s Christmastime!!!  My favorite holiday, hands down.  I love the songs, I love the colors, I love the lights, I love the foods, the movies, the presents, the parties…it’s the best!

So of course I’ve been tagging and pinning all sorts of little holiday projects and foods and whatever-have-you and of course I’m going to share them with you:


Santa gets his cookies and milk, but what do the elves get? Duh, mini decorated “doughnuts” made from Cheerios!


I wish I had this as a print or canvas and then I could bring it out every winter. It's just lovely.


Coffee Filter Snowflakes, imagine a whole string of them hanging over mantle or across a high ceiling or staircase. Cheap and cheerful.


This is soooo a project my mother would have done. Take inexpensive dollar store animals, cover them in glitter and tada! You have holiday woodland creatures! This would be a great project for kiddos.


I don't have time this year, but some day I want to do this. Maybe next year Bree & I can do with the Silhouette so we won't have to do as much cutting. I think I would do O Holy Night or Silent Night.

Source: sunset.com via Carey on Pinterest


Another easy, cheap and cute decor idea.


I love this holiday swatch. I could do so many things with those colors.


Another easy ornament project either for yourself or kiddos.

Well, that’s it for tonight, but I’m sure there will be more to come!

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Everyone I know is putting up their Christmas decorations today.  I think our neighbors are having a competition to see who can get it all done first.  But I really don’t mind because it makes the neighborhood so festive and cozy and when I pull up into the driveway and see all the beautiful lights I can’t help “feeling that gingerbread feeling.”  That was a joke, it’s a line from a Home Alone song that always makes me laugh. What exactly is “that gingerbread feeling?”  Is it different from that “candy cane feeling?” or “that figgy pudding feeling?” and if I had a bad day would it be “that lump of coal feeling?”

I digress.  Ahem…

Jones Design Company (whose blog you should check out any way because she is full of divine inspiration) has provided this lovely (and free) Christmas printable and it sums it all up and to be completely honest, kinda chokes me up because in all the craziness of the holidays it’s so easy forget what it’s all about: 

To us a child is born, to us a son is given and he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.  Isaiah 9:6


It comes in 2 colors and all you have to do is print it out and pop it into a frame.  I just love it and can’t wait to print mine out.  What a great way to start out the Christmas season.

Thanks Jones Design Company!

Merry Christmas to all.

Happy Holidays!

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