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Day 8, week 2 of our 31 Day journey recognizing the simple things in life.  You can catch up here.  On to today's simple thing: color swatches!

I used to collect paint chips. I had a whole folder full of of paint chips I grabbed on various trips to Walmart, Sherwin Williams, Home Depot... anywhere that sold paint. I loved to see the hundreds of shades of the same color and the color combos.

Now, instead of hoarding paint chips I use Pinterest to hoard "pins" of color inspiration. Here are a few examples:

Source: etsy.com via Carey on Pinterest


I can look at pictures like this for hours. It makes me want to create something, whether it be a painting walls or sewing something or slapping a bunch of colored scrapbook paper down with Mod Podge and calling it a day.  Most of my creative projects begin with the thought, "What colors do I want to use?"

Looking at color swatches is practically free but it is something that brings me an enormous amount of joy and inspiration for future projects that also make me smile.

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When you are a graphic artists, or a designer or you just like to look at pretty things, websites like this one are an invaluable resource.  The site is called Photo Card Boutique and they specialize in taking a gorgeous photograph and pulling the colors from it to create a "design card".  I LOVE IT!

Everyday they post a new card or two, showcasing brand new color palettes that make your design work a breeze.  Here are a few examples that have caught my eye recently:

I just adore this palette.  It makes me want to paint something.

I find this one so soothing and relaxing


>1) I love rannunculus, 2) This palette is the perfect combo of sophisticated and playful.

I may or may not be planning to redesign the site with the palette... I'm not saying for certain...but maybe....

Take some time to pan through this wonderful site and add them to your reader so you don't miss their daily inspirations.