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my acl hardware

It's been a while since we had a heart-to-heart so let's catch up!

Currently I am recovering from my 7th surgery in 9 years.  This last surgery (ohhh, please be THE LAST) was to remove the titanium hardware from my knee that was used to attach my new ACL in surgery #6.  The hardware you see in the above photo is not leftover from an Ikea cabinet, it's what came out of my knee! I am in awe and completely baffled as to how all that fit inside my little knee.


I have found a new yogurt obsession!  You know how much I love my Fage Plain Greek Style yogurt (with honey), it's by far, in my most humble opinion, the best Greek yogurt on the market.  Well.... now they are selling it in prepared flavors like vanilla, cherry & peach!  Same velvety, thick texture, now with delicious flavorings already mixed in.  They call it "Fruyo" and since it's so new it can be hard.  Try Whole Foods, that's where I found it!


I just  have to get this off my chest, and don't worry I won't put out any spoilers in case some of you are not completely caught up on the season finale of Downton Abbey but JULIAN FELLOWS SHOULD BE HORSE WHIPPED!  There, I said it.  I feel better now. (Julian Fellows is the writer of the show, and he's not my favorite person right now.)


And speaking of Dame Maggie Smith (Downton's Dowager Countess Violet Crawley of Grantham) my cousin and I went to see her in the movie "Quartet", directed by Dustin Hoffman and it was truly delightful!  The cast is packed with silver screen and stage veterans (Dame Maggie, Michael Gambon, Billy Connoly)  and the script is funny but will touch your heart at the same time.  I'm excited for it to come to DVD this spring so I can watch it again.


One of the few perks to lying around waiting for the swelling in your knee to go down is you get a ton of reading done.  I finished off the book Divergent by Veronica Roth and I have to tell you, I kinda liked it.  If you liked the Hunger Games and are looking for something similar, this is a good option.  I can't say I was quite as engrossed as I was in the Hunger Games, but the plot puts forth some good food for thought.  I liked it enough to order the 2nd book in the series.

heirloom tomatoes

The sun has been peeking out here and there and the days are beginning to warm up, finally.  That has me thinking about the vegetable garden.  Tomatoes are definitely going to be on the list.  And of course my annual forest of basil.  I still have a few cups of last summer's homemade pesto in the freezer, that's how much basil I was able to get from my plants last year.

So that's what has been on my mind the past few days, sitting around, waiting for this leg to get better.  What's been on your mind?

juiced blood oranges, blood orange

juice, orange, blood orange

A few crumbs from my week:

  • Yesterday I juiced a few blood oranges for this recipe.  Yes, they do stain your hands.  Totally worth it.
  • I've been working on a swatch that has all the colors I would use to describe myself.  It includes a lot of colors that look like this.
  • Last night I was excited to make this hot toddy from shutterbean.com, then I realized I didn't have any bourbon.  Drat!
  • Downton Abbey is back!  Season 3 began last night, but don't tell me anything, I won't have a chance to watch it until tonight.  Oh how I have missed Dame Maggie Smith's snarky little remarks!
  • Earlier this week I was so honored to be able to participate in this project from Brave Girls Club.  Founder, Melody Ross, is taking a trip over to the Philippines to teach girls who were rescued out of the horror of human trafficking.  She will be teaching them how to use art to heal their battered souls and make artwork items that can help supplement their income. Melody will be distributing the truth cards that many of us Brave Girl Art School veterans created just for this trip.
  • Thanks to the new "Communities" function on Google+, I stumbled on this incredible foodie website.  So many inspiring recipes and stories!
  • Did you see Les Miserables yet?  I just love that story, a story about redemption.  Oddly, after about 15 minutes, you forget that they are singing the entire script.

Don't forget....

Twitter Tuesday is tomorrow!  Bree, myself and some of our buddies will be discussing all sorts of outrageous topics at our Twitter Tuesday Party.  The party begins at 8am and will run all day long.  Stop by and say "hello" using #careyandbree, we look forward to meeting you!

miscellany monday at lowercase letters


Just a few crumbs for you to snack on:


And just in case you missed it last week:


I made this compound butter and bathed my corn in it.  Check it out!

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Source: vanityfair.com via Sarah on Pinterest


PBS Nerds rejoice, Downton Abbey Season II is finally here! For those of you not in the know, Downton Abbey premeired last year on PBS. It is a story about a noble English family as they maneuver through the changing social times of the early 1900's.  You can learn more about it here, as well as the cast of characters.

For those of you who are already up to speed, weren’t the clothes beautiful??!


The style and clothing are just as lovely as last season, maybe even more so.  I absolutely loved the above dress Mary wears to dinner.


It’s a little hard to see from this photo, but I couldn’t stop staring at the necklace Cora wears throughout the show.

Source: vanityfair.com via Paula on Pinterest


I don't remember who was wearing this dress, but isn't it gorgeous?

Oh, the storyline was good too!  But I don’t want to spoil it for anyone so I will say no more!