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It feels a little strange to be back here, I haven't written a real post in... well, a really long time.  I did not intend to take an extended break from the blog, but then life happened.  A lot of little things all added up to weeks and weeks away from the computer.

But I'm back! Ish.  Here is how it all played out:

First was the infamous knee surgery.  (if you are squeemish, you might want to scroll by this one quickly)

knee surgery II

Back in 2008 my ACL was replaced but my knee never really recovered.  We tried physical therapy, shots, creams, meds; nothings seemed to help.  So my doctor determined that my body was rejecting the metal hardware that was installed to keep the new ACL in place.  Since the bone had grown over the graft, making it secure, the hardware was no longer needed.  While taking out the hardware (pictured above), he would look around and see if he could find any other problems.  It turns out, missing cartilage was the other problem.  I still don't fully understand what he did to fix the cartilage but he did...something painful.

photo 4

Logically, I knew it was going to be a tough recovery but for some strange reason I thought I would be up to writing right away.  Not so.  The pain killers left me barely grasping at reality for about  a week and not long after I went back to work.  I feel as though I've been playing catch-up ever since.  The meds also tore up my stomach and left me with no appetite.  That means, no cooking.  No real cooking for over a month.  A whole bunch of pro-biotics later, I'm finally eating real food again.

The good news is that my knee gets a little better every week.  Next week I should be cleared to begin physical therapy, which I'm both excited for and dreading at the same time.

Next came my much anticipated vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  It was my first time in South Carolina and while I didn't find much of interest in Myrtle Beach, the day we spent in Charleston was so much fun.  I loved strolling those historical streets and looking at buildings that were part of the very birth of our nation.2f8421f2972b11e2bf2722000a1fbc66_7


We also visited the Boone plantation just outside of Charleston.  It was so fascinating and so disturbing all at once.  One of the most eye-opening spots on the plantation is a row of small wooden cabins where the "elite" slaves of the plantation lived.  In each building was a tv monitor that told a different story of slavery: how many slaves lived per building, their religious practices, their work, their eventual emancipation. It's such an ugly part of our history but so important that we do not forget so that we never repeat it.

photo 1


When I got back home to Northern California, it was time to celebrate Easter and the resurrection of Christ.  We spent a whole glorious day eating great food, lounging on the porch, spending time together as a family.  It was a beautiful, beautiful day.


Tonight was my first trek back into the kitchen, mostly prepping some veggies for the next week.  But it's a start.


My weekend started with preparing a Potatoes Au Gratin dish from Ina Garten for Easter Brunch.  I'll share that recipe on Friday because it was de-li-cous.


I must shamefully admit, however, that my super-preparedness backfired on me because I completely forgot to take the potatoes with me when I went out to my Dad's for Brunch!  So we ate them for dinner instead.


I also experimented with our last Friday Recipe, the Apple Pie Egg Rolls.  They were good, but need some tweaking.  And I have about a dozen egg roll wrappers that need to be filled with something....


But really, how can you go wrong with apples & cinnamon?


They were pretty good straight out of the oven... with vanilla ice cream.


Sunday morning was all about biscuits.  Triple batch.  No big deal.


I also started looking at garden layouts, brother and I have big plans for vegetables this year.


I spent most of Sunday laughing at this guy.  He owns my heart.

There was also a lot of bass fishing at Easter Brunch.  Because that's what we do.

One right after another.

Pretty much just stick your line in the water an you'll catch one.  They're pretty hungry right now.

All in all, a great weekend.  Cooking, fishing, family.  Doesn't get much better than that.


Dear Lillie: An Easter/Spring Wreath and He Has Risen Download.

I really wish I had written a meaningful and deeply spiritual post for Easter.  As a Christian, this is one of the most important times of rememberance for our faith.  I would loved to have shared something from the heart about the Easter season. 

But the truth is, I'm worn out.  This past month, life has chewed me up and spit me out and all I want is to sneak off to some far away place, no cell phones, no computer.  Just me, the sunshine and a lounge chair.  And silence.


I saw this printable today from Dear Lillie:

courtesy of dear lillie

And my soul sighed and said, "It is well."

I hope you will pop over to her site, and print out this little sign.  And remember that Jesus paid it all.

Love you all.  Yep, I do.

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A funny little bunny project just in time for Easter... the cuteness is almost too much!

photo courtesy of holidaysnobs.blogspot.com

Looking for a quick and adoreable idea for your Easter holiday decor?  Try this little tutorial from holidaysnobs.blogspot.com!  Super easy!